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Trump’s tariff decision is one of the worst fears about his presidency come to life
Trump was in a bad mood. So he decided to maybe start a trade war.

H/T Vox

Texas sets early voting record in nonpresidential year
H/T The Hill
Good News, FSM knows we need it…

NYT: Trump Has Asked John Kelly To Push Ivanka Trump, Kushner Out Of WH
WTF? Gutless Bonespurs doesn’t have the nerve to fire his daughter and corrupt son in law? Make America Gutless, Asshole?

Open Thread, sorry it’s belatedlyish!

RUCerious @TPZoo

9 thoughts on “Daily Gnuz

  1. Sometimes even OUR news people don’t seem to get things right away. There’s all this focus on Jared Kushner affecting US foreign policy against Qatar like it’s a new thing. The Intercept reported on this in JULY, and nobody seemed to notice it then.


    NOT LONG BEFORE a major crisis ripped through the Middle East, pitting the United States and a bloc of Gulf countries against Qatar, Jared Kushner’s real estate company had unsuccessfully sought a critical half-billion-dollar investment from one of the richest and most influential men in the tiny nation, according to three well-placed sources with knowledge of the near transaction.

    The key to the Qatar pullout was their condition that Kushner get the bulk of the renovation money from Anbang of China. Anbang ultimately rejected the deal, and Kushner lost the Qatar cash as a result.
    I believe that Kushner expected that if he got all this money from all these sources, it would be easy to skim off considerable money during the project, to keep his other flailing projects afloat, and continue to fund his family’s lavish lifestyle. I guess what makes this more important now is that Kushner can’t pass his security clearance, partially because of all this financial peril he seems to be in.

    • Seems to be learning well at the feet of his father in law.
      Got a A- in grifting for the 1%ers.
      Too bad on his field assignment in International Grifting 120 he got an F

  2. Maybe he thinks he should live so long…

  3. If Texas really does turn blue, a whole lotta people are going to owe Susan Sarandon an apology.

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