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Sessions fires McCabe from FBI
H/T The Hill
Time speeds up, the wheel of time turns faster
Mueller crosses the red line of death,
The Prezidunce orders Sessions to Order Rosenstein to fire Mueller, Rosenstein refuses, so Sessions fires him.
Sessions then fires Mueller, and the incompetence-in-chief fires Sessions.
Congress blusters about impeachment, and the nation holds its collective breath…

Donald Trump’s reality show mass-firing threat is a dangerous gimmick
It’s eroding American governance.

H/T Vox
Echoes of his failed management of most of his business endeavors. Bullies make horrible CEOs.

Russian Exile Nikolai Glushkov Found Strangled To Death In London
OK, OK, it may have nothing to do with Trump finances that Mueller is now looking into, but…………

And one final post from The Hill
Dem lawmaker: Trump is purging anyone who isn’t blindly loyal
HT The Hill
Rep Castro points out a serious challenge to our democracy and institutions from this runamok bozo pretending to lead our government.

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7 thoughts on “Daily Gnuz

  1. Gov. Huckabee, evangelical pastor turned politician, suggests McCabe be given the death penalty:

    “Breaking Wind from CNN!” [Huckabee] wrote. “Andy McCabe offered deal for lying to FBI and won’t get pension but will get passage in overhead bin on United flight to Oakland to work for scofflaw mayor.”

    This, a few days after a dog died because United Airlines insisted it be placed in an overhead bin.


  2. Billionaire Pete Peterson has died at 91. There doesn’t seem to be much notice among the left media yet, but Thom Hartmann always claimed him to be a driving force behind privatizing Social Security.

    • No media attention because the short attention span theater can’t fully grasp the influence peddling this man practiced throughout his despicable life.

  3. Ted Olson and law firm Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher have turned down an offer to work for Trump. Best career move since Urban Meyer turned down Notre Dame to coach football at Florida.

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