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For Wednesday, Marchly 21st IT’S S P R I N G !

2 Republican senators suggest they’d support impeaching Trump if he fired Mueller
Lindsey Graham and Jeff Flake both broached the prospect of impeachment on Tuesday.

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I’ve lost count. How many more Republicans are needed to make 67?

Former Playboy Model Sues Media Group For Freedom To Talk About Trumpv
Seriously, How Much More Can Melania Take of this Marriage GRIFTER!???

Bannon oversaw Cambridge Analytica’s 2014 effort to collect Facebook data on millions of Americans: report
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Dots are connecting, slowly but surely…And the game is…HangDunce

Open Thread, Take it, leave it, or just effing ignore it!

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7 thoughts on “Daily Gnuz

  1. The China model of dictatorial capitalism has emboldened both the Russian oligarchs and Right Wing American oligarchs to believe it could work here in the US. Now they just have to get rid of that pesky constitution…

    • We have a corporate/military oligarchy that the political toadies bow to.
      Ours is veiled differently but not by much.

  2. Bolton is replacing McMasters. Don’t tell the son of a bitch he can start wars just for water now. He’s already on board with the wars for oil and rare earth minerals, etc.

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