We’ve been watching the young speakers at the Washington, DC, “MARCH FOR OUR LIVES” rally, and I am in awe of them. One poised and eloquent speaker is an 11-year-old girl. Right now an 11-year old boy who lost his brother to gun violence is speaking. These “kids” have been forced into early adulthood by horrific events in their lives, and each and every one of them is more than a match for that man-baby terrorizing our White House and our country.

Let the battle begin.

This is our weekend open thread.

18 thoughts on “March 24th MARCH FOR OUR LIVES

  1. What is an “assault rifle,” he asked sarcastically.

    When, inevitably, some gun collector snarkily asks me to tell them what an “assault rifle” is, I like to respond with this:

    An assault rifle is a weapon that cowards use in the commission of mass murder to kill the most human beings possible, in the shortest time possible. An assault rifle is a weapon that killed 17 high school students and teachers at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in unders 6 minutes, it is a weapon that killed 20 elementary school children and 6 teachers in Newtown in under 5 minutes. An assault rifle is a weapon that killed 49 people and wounded 58 at the Pulse nightclub in Florida, most were killed or wounded in the first 7 minutes. Assault rifles are weapons that killed 16 people and wounded 22 in under 3 minutes at a San Bernardino Christmas party. Assault rifles with a still legally obtainable bumpstock ($250 online) are weapons that killed 58 people and wounded 851 in under 10 minutes at an outdoor concert in Las Vegas

    An assault rifle is a weapon of war, slightly modified for civilian use that has the capability of putting enough firepower in the hands of physically and mentally weak people to give them a capability they otherwise would not have; the ability to kill and wound dozens or even hundreds of people in a few minutes.

    Assault rifles should not be banned. 45 Thompson machine guns are not banned either. Assault rifles have the same capability as the Thompson. They should be in the same category requiring the same federal license to own them. I’m betting a lot of these law abiding gun owners could qualify for the license, if they wanted to own these weapons as badly as they profess. The ones who can’t qualify for the license shouldn’t own them anyway.

  2. Bit of familiar wingnut ‘wisdom’: “Guns don’t kill people. People kill people.”

    One question no one ever seems to ask: How many people would die from gunshot wounds in this country if there were no guns?

    • Just the unarmed ones, shot by the police, I’d reckon. They would still see a weapon no matter what the ‘suspect’ had in their hand.

  3. Funny thing. Today’s Nascar race at Martinsville, Virginia was postponed until tomorrow due to SNOW. Every time I’ve passed by Fox WZDX-1 AND WZDX-2 for the last several hours there was an episode of The Simpsons airing. It’s still going on, on both channels.

  4. So, I was reading the Zoo and my sister, after seeing house’s gravatar, asked if I had changed my gravatar. My new cat is an orange tabby that looks very much like house’s cat. I feel the need to share some things about Smokey before I tell you about Stinky.

    Smokey was 13 years old. I got him from my sister after he was weened. He was prescribed by the therapist I was seeing after my back operation in 2005. We only spent a few months in Jacksonville before moving to where I still am. Smokey was an indoor/outdoor cat, with the weather being the chief determinate of where he desired to be. It was Feb. 28, when I noticed the right side of Smokey’s face swelling and it was worse the next day, enought the prompt me to take him to a vet.

    After draing pus from the swelling, the vet cut a lot of dead tissue from Smokey’s face and speculated that Smokey had been bitten by either a spider or a snake. Smokey died about 8 hours later, at home with me caressing him till the end. I dug his grave under the light of the full moon, on a spot where he would enjoy both morning and afternoon sun. I buried him at sunrise.

    My sister insisted on taking me to the County Animal Shelter on Monday the 5th, only to find it closed. We returned the next day and surveyed the dozen or so cats in inventory. In the Cat Room were two rows of cages, stacked two high. Most cages had a 3×5 card with information about the incarserated feline. I was looking for a male and one cage’s card said the resident was a male, but I couldn’t see him. I had to stoop to look in the back of the cage to see him, curled up on a perch.

    He offered no resistence when I reached for him and became putty when I grabbed his neck like his mother would to carry him. He was quite please to be held, craddled like a baby, and he was as cute as they come. He was a keeper. They let me take him home for the night, but I had to take him back the next day. I suppose they do that to see if there are problems once an animal is taken to a new home. So I paid $20 and they kept him overnight to neuter him and put an ID chip in him.

    When I carried him into the building the first day, I set him on a step whereupon he farted, a very stinky fart I may say, and thus he named himself. He had to have been someone’s indoor pet that got outside. Its not unlikely that his elderly owner died and he was kicked out to fend for himself. He uses the litter box and eats dry food with relish. He has all his claws, and all his teeth, and has used them both playfully but has yet to break skin and draw blood. He sleeps on my bed at night and on a towel on the corner of my desk. He wakes me by patting my face gently with a paw, and walks in front of me at the desk when he’s hungary.

    While Smokey’s death hit me very hard, Stinky has helped ease the pain of his loss. Now I must go cry some more.

    • Pachy, I’ve had and lost a number of cats over the last dozen years or so, and I have determined, both in times of no cats, and now, having cats again, that the old ones are still around here. I catch a blur of motion in my peripheral vision occasionally, only to find it wasn’t one of my current companions. I can almost tell which one it was I almost saw, by the movement and location in the house. Smokey will probably drop by eventually, just when you least expect it.

    • Oh, pachy, I’m so sorry about Smokey, what a terrible shock that must have been. Losing a loved companion is always hard, but when it’s so sudden, it’s even worse. Hugs and condolences, and best wishes for a special relationship with your new Stinky boy.

  5. Speaking of reality, It was reported that Stormy Daniels has a photo of Donald Trump’s private parts…..He’s taking her to small claims court.

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