March 26th

Six years ago today, our nephew Adam was killed in a car crash. Right about now, his friends and co-workers at our office are gathered to honor Adam’s memory by sharing a shot of Dewars, Adam’s favorite drink.

I hoist a shot to you, Adam. You are missed more than I can say.

5 thoughts on “March 26th

  1. Miss you, Adam. Love ya tons. Christine’s been running the whole warehouse and doing fantastic. I told her that when I see what a great job she’s doing, it makes me just a little more proud of you for hiring her.

  2. Oh my goodness, it’s been that long already? He’s such a handsome boy and young man, and so well loved by his family. Hugs to you and Jane, Wayne.

  3. Today is my daughter Amber’s 15th birthday.
    Answer to the question above?
    Yikes! I have no idea!

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