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Arghh, it be Wednesday, the MidWeekDay.
Here be the Gnuz, such as it manifests itself to we mortals…

The Census Will Ask A Question It Already Knows Spooks Immigrant Communities
Pretty blatant political move to dilute the blue representation in Congress.
What a shithole he’s turning this nation into.

‘Lamest argument I’ve ever heard’: Ex-acting solicitor general scoffs at Trump team’s claim the president can’t obstruct justice
H/T Raw Story
A Direct Quote from the famous Sheriff Bart of Rock Ridge…
Oh, lo’dy, lo’d, he’s desp’it!

One more tidbit, WaPo: Trump Pushes Military To Fund Border Wall
HT TPM via WaPo
When the generals tell Trump to go eff himself, he’ll consider firing them, and promoting Jared to thirteen star Master General of the Universe…

Scott Walker Is Trying To Dismantle Democracy in Wisconsin
H/T The Nation
Subtitle: Instead of following an order to call special elections to fill vacant legislative seats, the governor wants a new law that says they can be left empty for a year.
Another Republican fascist. Does the Republican party have an inexhaustible supply of dickwads?

Open Thread, Try it on for size today!

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7 thoughts on “Daily_ish Gnuz

  1. Also in the news today: 4,000 people died as a result of a freezer failure in a fertility clinic. If frozen embryos are people, folks at the clinic may have committed 4,000 counts of negligent/involuntary homicide.

    • Will the Westboro crazies protest out front, carrying signs that “God hates babies” or “Thank God for freezer failure?”

  2. Speaking of frozen embryos being people, will they be counted in the census? If so, shouldn’t we pack as many fertility clinics into blue districts as possible?

    Or what about an “adopt an embryo program” for democratic/progressive households. Each household could pop a dozen or so embryos in their freezers ….

    oh, and once the embryos turn 18, can they vote?

    (I’ll show myself out now….)


    • According to Mitt Romney, “Corporations are people, my friend.” What might be the 2020 census implications? Delaware’s population would surge, prolly?

  3. Remember the good ol’ days, when it was claimed that “if the president (Nixon) did it, it can’t be illegal?”


  4. I rarely discover something new that I really, really like. I have found a new cookie, called a Calypso Crunch Bite, that are sold at Publix. They are easily sourced for the recipe here on the internet. If you like an oatmeal cookie, with coconut and pecans, you should try them. We may have to start making them here. I think it’s the finely ground oats, that produce a chewy cookie without the coarse texture I usually don’t like about regular oatmeal cookies, that makes them good for me.

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