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Friday’sedition, and heeeeeerrrreezzz the Gnuz@

Sessions Rejects GOP Call For 2nd Special Counsel, But Taps Top DOJer To Probe Anti-FBI Claims
Session is just begging to get fired. Probably misses his sweet home, Alabama…

Mueller just connected a top Trump campaign staffer to Russian intelligence
H/T Vox
More Dots Connect…Leading……….to…………Donnie…Sr…&…Jr…

‘Very, very unhappy with her life’: Insider claims Melania wants to take son Barron and flee Trump
H/T Raw Story
Sad state of affairs, but when you can’t love the one you’re with, time to get the hell out of the relationship. Cheaters never prosper.

Open Thread, pick it up and gnaw on it!

RUCerious @TPZoo

13 thoughts on “Daily Gnuz

      • We have a friend who is a musician. He is totally tone deaf. He can’t play to save his life but thinks he’s a rocker so we let him live his dream.
        We send him stuff like this hoping that he gets it.
        I’ll get a reply like “there was something a little off on that song you sent me but I can’t put my finger on it”.
        We are also on a quest for the worst music video ever.
        That’s not working out so well.
        Apparently there is no end to the internet.

        • That’s hilarious!

          Your friend and my neighbor would do well together — depending on the definition of “well” — he loves to sing and strum his guitar on the front porch, and really enjoys doing so, but he is SO bad. I just don’t have the heart to say anything about it. 😀

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