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Ground Fresh on Wednesaze!

And heeeeeeeeeeerres the Gnuz!

Liberals just won a seat on the Wisconsin Supreme Court by a huge margin
H/T Vox
Winning! R’s – not so much…

Mueller told Trump’s attorneys the president remains under investigation but is not currently a criminal target
H/T Wa Po
Read the fine print. Especially the words ‘At this time’. Tax Returns, Russian Mobster ‘investments’ in the Panama Hotel, lots more questions. Perhaps the Interview would be just GRAND if a JURY were sitting in on it?

Trump Says U.S. Will Use Military To Protect Border With Mexico
H/T HuffPo
Just a few details…Governors have to request the National Guard be called out. For a reason. Posse Comitatus prohibits US Soldiers from doing police work in the US.
Good luck with that. However, we could arrange to have all the ‘well regulated militias’ come on down to the border with their arms and stand shoulder to shoulder at attention for the entire summer.

Open Thread, chew on it!

RUCerious @TPZoo

7 thoughts on “Daily Gnuz

  1. The President can nationalize the National Guard under certain circumstances, as in the breakdown of law. For example, when the Alabama NG was used to compel George Wallace to allow the integration of schools to go forward. But the guber of TX is hardly defying any federal court orders — that’s all on Trump.

        • Hi Butterfly: How am I doing? I do believe I’m suffering from “unableness.” I’m just unable to give a damn about many things or people. As an example, I was thrilled to see your response but I’ve been unable to formulate a response until now.

          My new kitty, Stinky, is a wonderful cat. He will only use the litter box and shows no desire to go outside, He also appears to not like the floor and runs between a sofa my desk before jumping on them. He’s also started a more forcefull meow in place of the quiet mewl he’s used until Friday. He’s helping me a lot in recovering from my dear Smokey’s demise.

          • My dear Pachy, I think a bit of “unableness” is perfectly natural when grieving the loss of such a close friend. ((((hugs))))

            Stinky seems like a cool cat, even with a floor quirk. 😉 Isn’t it wonderful how our furry friends know how to help heal a battered and bruised heart?

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