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It’z Wednezday, and the Gnuz beith thus:

Cohen: FBI Was ‘Extremely Professional, Courteous And Respectful’ During Raids
White House: Trump ‘Certainly Believes He Has The Power’ To Fire Mueller
Which one displays a cool demeanor under fire?
Which one is freaking out, barely under control?
Which one is acting like a President, which one like a Prezidunce?

Trump wants to slash welfare with stricter work requirements
Trump calls on his Cabinet to propose stronger work requirements for welfare across the board.

H/T Vox
Reviving the ‘Welfare Queen’ myth, the racism of this Administration is boundless.

‘Two-part scam’: Robert Reich explains how Big Pharma ‘gouges the public’ as Trump’s GOP ‘line their pockets’
H/T Raw STory
Ripping you off 24X7X365, Insurers, Pharamcy Benefit Management Companies and the Drug Manufacturers, driving cost into the Health Care system cause there’s profit to be make off us suckers.

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11 thoughts on “Daily Gnuz

  1. Ryan’s replacement as Minority Leader to be, is rumored to be Kevin McCarthy, the same guy they considered before defaulting to Ryan, because as many videos attest, he can’t speak in complete sentences. At least he won’t have to worry about being Speaker this time.

    • Yeah, I heard that, too. McCarthy is one of those oily-looking Rs, he reminds me – oiliness-wise – of Dick Armey. Unfortunately, he’s much more practiced than Gomer Ryan, so he could be more dangerous.

  2. How did we ever get a sex scandal, involving the National Enquirer, that involves someone named PECKER?

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