Weekend Rap Pup

It’s Sunday evening, and here’s a tired old re-hash of next weeks Gnuz.

Why the question of whether Michael Cohen visited Prague is massively important for Donald Trump
H/T Vox
The Steele dossier claimed Cohen went to Prague to meet Russians. He’s said for more than a year that he didn’t.
Getting closer and closer to the Clinch, the Uppercut, the Right Cross and the Countdown and Out.

Trump Demands Chance To Review His Files Seized In Raids On Michael Cohen
Sure, sure. You and your attorney’s will get the chance to review them.
It’s called discovery, after you’ve been hauled in front of a Grand Jury.

Trump’s reelection committee has spent more than $1 out of every $5 on legal fees this year
H/T WaPo
Now THAT’s Hilarious!
The law firm of Dewey, Cheatham and Howe is getting rich of these suckers!

Open Thread, enjoy it, then use it to wrap up your fish bones!

RUCerious @TPZoo

5 thoughts on “Weekend Rap Pup

  1. Larry Klayman Says The Left ‘Will Seek Literally To Chop Our Heads Off’

    “This is the modus operandi of the left, to use intelligence agencies—Stasi, KBG, others—to terrorize the public and if that public rises up, they will seek literally to chop our heads off,” Klayman said. “And we have got to remember that and that is why we need a Second Amendment to defend ourselves.”

    Q: So what? If a conservative was missing its brain, who the hell would notice?

  2. Sean Hannity is Michael Cohen’s ‘secret client’, revealed today in court. All the while Hannity was excoriating the FBI, he was covering for his own legal adviser. Oops! Conflict of interest much?

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