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‘Someone should say a prayer’ for Trump’s aides
H/T Politico
The president has decamped to Mar-a-Lago, where he’ll have plenty of time to dwell on a barrage of negative headlines.
We’ve reached a point where ‘governing’ has ceased. We have a spoiled brat in charge of the Executive Branch, who can’t focus on policy because his ego is too fragile.

Retired Admiral Says Trump Is Causing ‘Extreme Discomfort’ for Miltary Leaders and Harming Republic
The president is destabilizing the nation. Just like a Manchurian candidate.
H/T Alternet

Trump just blocked his own administration’s Russia sanctions
Once again the president is taking steps to make sure he doesn’t anger Putin.

H/T Vox
Anyone else see a pattern here?

Open Thread, slam it and dunk it!

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10 thoughts on “Daily Gnuz

  1. Trump took the credit for the airlines’ safety record last year, so it’s his fault there was a fatality when a Southwest jet made an emergency landing in Philadelphia.

    • Wow, I had only glanced at an article I saw about passengers screaming during the landing, I didn’t realize someone died – jeebus. Yeah, trump needs to answer for that one!

      • But the pilot was a female (which goes to show skill at landing crippled planes is limited to humans) so Trump will use that as an excuse.

        • Hey there dycker! Long time no hear from. Hope you and your family, including Scout of course, are enjoying the relative quietness of the Canadian political scene, compared to the holy Jesus on a waffle shitshow we’re stacking up here.

          • HI nwoldgy. We are doing ok. I still read the zoo regularly! Our politics will never reach your current level of WTF. On the other Rob Ford’s brother is trying to become the leader of the province of Ontariio!!!

    • I don’t know if I should be proud or depressed that I’m familiar with almost all of those 121 “things”.

      I got a chuckle out of the “‘Rusher’ Lester Holt interview thing.”

      But I got a shiver reading

      63)And the “Won’t release White House visitor logs” thing.
      And the “Don’t keep visitor logs at Mar-A-Lago” thing.

      This is something that pisses me off mightily.

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