Daily Gnuz!!

Read all about it! Whatever IT is, today, Friday April 20th 2018

Giuliani Joins Trump Legal Team
It’s been 30 years since Giuliani has been a prosecutor. Trump just needed another has-been recognizable name to fill the empty seats in the Oval Orifice.

US school shootings rise rapidly in two decades: study
H/T Raw Story
β€œIn less than 18 years, we have already seen more deaths related to school shootings than in the whole 20th century,” said lead author Antonis Katsiyannis of Clemson University.
And guns are more available than ever…

LGBT rights group takes aim at Pence as Trump woes deepen
Pence could increasingly find himself the target of liberal attacks in a midterm election year.

H/T Politico
Pence will be the harbinger of “The HandMaiden’s Tale” if he winds up in charge of this mess.

Open Thread, for FSM’s sake, do something with it!

RUCerious @TPZoo

32 thoughts on “Daily Gnuz!!

  1. Good evening, Zooey – and anyone else enjoying the music tonight.

    For the time being, – and by “time being” I mean as long as the Mets stay ahead of the Braves – we’re ignoring the Friday night news dump.

    That’s “bases-ball” to you, Z. πŸ™‚

    • +1
      Maybe we’re coming to our senses after decades of prohibition.
      The first one worked out soooo well that making plants illegal seemed like the next logical step for a paranoid bureaucracy.

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