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Thor’s day, Last Day of the Mayish month.
Here bee the Gnuz…

The shocking truth about the Hurricane Maria death toll is our Trump nightmare made real
An unfit president contributes to an unprecedented catastrophe.

H/T Vox
Negligence in the first degree. Grounds for impeachment. A complete and utter DISGRACE!


Trump Denies Firing Comey Over Russia Despite Having Admitted It Before
Who you gonna believe, the old, lying me, or the new, still lying me? C’mon, make up your mind!


The Memo: Trump’s feud with Sessions grows toxic
H/T The HIll
Since the AG sits at the pleasure of the President, why doesn’t Trump just fire him?

A: He has a secret crush on Jeffie Beauregard
B: Jeffie Beauregard has a dossier on Trump
C: Jeffie loves his job, and is a masochist at heart
D: All of the above

Thank you for your responses, which will be promptly ignored.

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Daily Gnuz

For Tuezday, May the 29th

2018 has already outpaced 2017 in K-12 school shooting deaths
This year really has been worse so far.

H/T Vox
And as long as we have Republicans in charge, the NRA will ensure nothing is done to reduce the number of firearms in circulation.

Garrett Will Not Seek Reelection, Reveals His Struggle With Alcoholism
This is the jerk who bullied his staff, and allowed his wife to use them for errands like feudal serfs. Good Riddance. I hope he gets treatment and then makes reparations to those he has belittled and bullied.

Millennials take on Trump in the midterms
Younger candidates are flooding Democratic congressional primaries — and winning.

H/T Politico
Nice to see the next generation pick up the flag and run with it. BLUE WAVE in November.

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American wins major lawsuit against ConAgra for hiring illegal immigrants

Not really. You’d think, though, with all this talk about illegal immigrants taking American jobs, there’d be at least one, if not hundreds, or thousands of lawsuits against employers for discriminating against Americans, for hiring an illegal immigrant instead of a U.S. Citizen.

But this writer hasn’t heard of any. Have you?

It’s almost as if no one has applied for a job and been turned down in favor of hiring an illegal immigrant…..


Daily Gnuz

For Monday, May Twenty First

And Here’z the Gnuz:

I’ve covered gun violence for years. The solutions aren’t a big mystery.
H/T Vox
A well writen piece, with very conclusive statistics.
Not that those would ever sway a gunster…

Is Trump adviser Bolton trying to undercut the president and kill the North Korea talks?
H/T Raw Story
That’s a silly question.
Of course he is. He’s the original NeoConWarMongeringChickenFeces MoFo.

Giuliani Claims Mueller Has Sept. 1 Deadline For Obstruction Of Justice Probe
Lessee, Labor Day? Arbor Day? Pumpkin Patch Inspection Day?
WTF does Sept 1st have to do with anything?
Rudy’s gonna draw a line in the sand he can’t back up.
I think Mueller’s goading Trump into pre-emptive pardons for everyone in his circle, to set the plate for impeachment.

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Daily Dilly Dilly Gnuz

For Thurzday, the Seventeenenth of May

And here’s what’z Gnuz

Tensions erupt among Trump trade officials ahead of China talks
H/T Politico
What I wouldn’t give to have the knife sharpening concession at the White House.
They stab each other with their steely knives, but they just can’t kill the beast.

Black Father stopped by officer after complaint of a ‘suspicious man with a baby’ in the park
H/T Raw Story
Yet another episode of TrumpEnabled Institutional Racism at work. Imagine the nerve of taking the baby for a stroller ride whilst black!

Trump’s new Stormy Daniels money disclosure may have gotten him in even more legal trouble
H/T Vox
Is there anything he can do without getting the icky all over his shoes?

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Daily Gnuz

Monday edition May 14th 2018-ish

Pompeo: US and North Korea “in complete agreement” on goals of Trump-Kim summit
A US-North Korea nuclear deal might be coming together.
H/T Vox
Or, now that the NK nuclear testing mountain collapsed, and Kim no longer has the capability to test, he can keep his stash of nukes squirreled away and dupe Trump into a deal to lift sanctions and sing Kumbayah.

‘This is going to come out’: Malcolm Nance says dossier was right about Trump committing ‘high crime’ of bribery
H/T Raw Story
Hmm. Ties to China’s tech company may be a conflict of interest?? Film at 11:00, 11:30, 11:45 and pretty much all freaking day and night long.

Trump Supporters ‘Tricked by the Devil’ are Now Facing Financial Ruin: ‘I Feel So Stupid’
Eddie Devine voted for Trump, but worries he may go out of business. Here’s why.
H/T Alternet
Buyer’s remorse. The war on brown people leaves many small businesses with no seasonal labor force. Whod’a thunk it?

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Weekendly Gnuz

Saturday Edition, hot off the keyboard!

White people keep calling the cops on black people for no reason. That’s dangerous.
Calling 911 means different things to white and black people.
H/T Vox
Institutional Racism, alive and well entrenched, and bolstered by TrumpIdolatry behavior.

That ‘Deep State’ You Keep Hearing About? It Doesn’t Exist
Former NSA director Michael Hayden is no white knight. But he’s right on this point, which he makes in his new book The Assault on Intelligence.
H/T The Nation
Sane people know this. It’s the other ones that swallow this crap hook sine and linker.

Trump taps billionaire financier to head intelligence board
H/T Politico
No doubt about it, Trump’s administration IS the swamp.

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