Daily Gnux

For Thurzday, May 3rddd,

The uninsured rate is rising — but only for Republicans
The Trump administration’s attempts to undermine Obamacare seem to be hurting the same people who put the president in office.
H/T Vox
Karma comes around and bites you on the a$$. Hard.

‘That’s a felony — you can’t do that’: Lawyer Michael Avenatti explains how Giuliani bombshell spells trouble for Trump
H/T Raw Story
Giuliani, trying to play a lawyer on TeeVee, sinks Trump’s legal arse.

Trump goes on offensive in Russia probe with new ‘wartime consiglieres’
H/T Politico
Just like a Crime Boss, to have a gaggle of lawyers trying to keep them out of jail. Sad.

Open Thread, Have fun with it!

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8 thoughts on “Daily Gnux

  1. I wonder how much Trump will have to pay to cover up the fact that Julie and Annie each screwed him live on Fox News, once in front of Hannity and then this morning in front of everyone on Fox/Friends?

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