12 thoughts on “MAY THE FOURTH BE WITH YOU

      • Our family’s favorite Mike Tyson joke came from comedian Rich Hall, talking about Tyson/Givens interview with Baba Wawa. Mike Tyson supposedly said that Robin was “a malicious bitch.” Rich Hall doubted that Tyson had ever used the word “malicious”, except possibly as “Mmm, these chocolate chip cookies are malicious!”

        It’s still one of our go-tos when eating something tasty. 🙂

  1. Once, when I was a much younger person, I contemplated whether I could be moral enough to be a christian. Now, in my dotage I realize I was too moral to be a christian.

    • Reminds me of something my dad, a non-theist, said to me back in the seventies (when he was in his seventies). He said, “I’ve known and worked with Christians all my life and the one thing I can say for sure is that even though I’ve never been a Christian, I was a better Christian than any Christian I ever knew.” And he was right. He never cheated anyone, never told them how much better he was, never told anyone they were going to go to hell unless they changed and became like him.

      On top of that, he went to church with my mother quite regularly — not because he wanted to, but because he loved her and knew that’s what she wanted, and he would never do anything to disappoint her.

      Those were good days.

  2. I was in KC in 1975. No evidence of any such welcoming back then.

  3. Hey, I thought of a Star Wars quote: Kill The Empire!
    (No wait, that was Kill The Umpire with William Bendix) never mind!

  4. I wonder how many more listeners Thom Hartmann would have if he DIDN’T have nutjobs like Grover Norquist (yesterday) and Jerome Corsi (right now) on his show on a regular basis?

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