9 thoughts on “Friday Night Music

    • CBD hemp oil is legal everywhere; won’t get you high, but does offer a degree of relaxation and relief of joint pain. Also too I take a dose before beddy time, and it has been a gawdsend for uninterrupted sleep.
      The above anecdotal has not been verified by the FDA, and does not necessarily reflect the viewpoint of our Zoo overlords or Big Pharma.
      But goddamn it works. 😎

  1. More Boz with my most favorite Sky Dog guitar solo, along with the excellent playing of the Swampers Barry Beckett on organ and piano.

        • A letter to my oldest daughter.

          When you were 8 months old, you, your mother, and I lived in a cabin approximately 800 sqft on Neil Young’s “Broken Arrow” ranch. We lived there rent free because I was a “mole” for my boss Carl Djerassi who owned the ranch, S.M.I.P., next door to Neil’s ranch. Neil needed water that came from Carl’s property, so they struck a deal. Neil got the water if we lived on his ranch. My responsibility to Carl was to spy on these potentially harmful rock n’ rollers. Heh! The first time I met Neil, on the road between his and our cabins, he pulled out a doobie, we smoked, and I spilled the beans about my job description. We laughed, and he invited us to come down to his place on Saturday.
          I put you on my shoulders, your mom remaining at home to relax, and we skipped the 1/4 mile down the road, not to Neil’s but to his ranch caretakers cabin. His name was Louis Avila, and his wife’s Claire. Claire made a Portuguese morning cake that you stuffed in your cheeks like a chipmunk. This Saturday morning meeting became a ritual when Neil was in town and not touring. Neil wrote a song about Louis, which became an iconic musical story, and you were there.

            • Goodnight from KZOO outside of Portland, Oregon. Remember to be really cool, but if you can’t be really cool, be as cool as you can be!

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