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White people keep calling the cops on black people for no reason. That’s dangerous.
Calling 911 means different things to white and black people.
H/T Vox
Institutional Racism, alive and well entrenched, and bolstered by TrumpIdolatry behavior.

That ‘Deep State’ You Keep Hearing About? It Doesn’t Exist
Former NSA director Michael Hayden is no white knight. But he’s right on this point, which he makes in his new book The Assault on Intelligence.
H/T The Nation
Sane people know this. It’s the other ones that swallow this crap hook sine and linker.

Trump taps billionaire financier to head intelligence board
H/T Politico
No doubt about it, Trump’s administration IS the swamp.

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  1. Even more infuriating than the racists calling the cops on black people, the cops automatically give the racists the benefit of the doubt, while the black persons can provide multiple pieces of evidence that conclusively demonstrate that they have a legitimate reason to be where they are, and they are still presumed guilty.

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