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Monday edition May 14th 2018-ish

Pompeo: US and North Korea “in complete agreement” on goals of Trump-Kim summit
A US-North Korea nuclear deal might be coming together.
H/T Vox
Or, now that the NK nuclear testing mountain collapsed, and Kim no longer has the capability to test, he can keep his stash of nukes squirreled away and dupe Trump into a deal to lift sanctions and sing Kumbayah.

‘This is going to come out’: Malcolm Nance says dossier was right about Trump committing ‘high crime’ of bribery
H/T Raw Story
Hmm. Ties to China’s tech company may be a conflict of interest?? Film at 11:00, 11:30, 11:45 and pretty much all freaking day and night long.

Trump Supporters ‘Tricked by the Devil’ are Now Facing Financial Ruin: ‘I Feel So Stupid’
Eddie Devine voted for Trump, but worries he may go out of business. Here’s why.
H/T Alternet
Buyer’s remorse. The war on brown people leaves many small businesses with no seasonal labor force. Whod’a thunk it?

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