Daily Gnuz

For Tuezday, May the 29th

2018 has already outpaced 2017 in K-12 school shooting deaths
This year really has been worse so far.

H/T Vox
And as long as we have Republicans in charge, the NRA will ensure nothing is done to reduce the number of firearms in circulation.

Garrett Will Not Seek Reelection, Reveals His Struggle With Alcoholism
This is the jerk who bullied his staff, and allowed his wife to use them for errands like feudal serfs. Good Riddance. I hope he gets treatment and then makes reparations to those he has belittled and bullied.

Millennials take on Trump in the midterms
Younger candidates are flooding Democratic congressional primaries — and winning.

H/T Politico
Nice to see the next generation pick up the flag and run with it. BLUE WAVE in November.

Open Thread, run it around the block a few times.

RUCerious @TPZoo

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