Daily Gnuz

For Tuezday, the Fifth of June

And here’s the GNUZ!

Grassley Dings Giuliani: ‘If I Were President…I Would Hire A New Lawyer’
Your ass is grass if Grassley thinks you’re as worthless as Guiliani. Say that three times really fast!

WATCH: Kentucky valedictorian tricks his Trump-loving classmates into cheering for Obama
H/T Raw Story
Sweet! The smart kid dupes the rubes into cheering for an Obama quote, by saying at first it was a Trumpanzee pronouncement!

Black, Female Lawmaker Stopped By Security For Not Looking ‘Like A Legislator’
No shit, without her manacles and scythe, one might not recognize the slave, right massa?

Open Thread, Take it out for a test ride! But please recycle it when you’re done!

RUCerious @TPZoo

4 thoughts on “Daily Gnuz

  1. I [will] have voted! [ballot by mail done – – just gotta drop it off at the elections office]

    • Preferably, white European descent. 6th grade education, and a willing party to accept bribes and vote accordingly.

  2. Maximum MAGA Reached

    Do you know what a massive bag of dicks you have to be in order to get Canada riled up? This is the country whose “standoffs” consist of which person is going to out “polite” the other. If two Canadians approach a grocery line at the same time, they will literally stand there for days (DAYS) encouraging the other person to go first. And this isn’t limited to just supermarkets. It is their way of life. The average Canadian spends over five years of their life insisting that someone goes ahead of them in a line, because they’re THAT fucking nice. This is a fact. Google it. Five years of their life!
    The point is, to piss off Canada you have to be a four alarm, Trumpster fire of blazing horse shit. Even I didn’t think Donnie was capable of that. Lesson learned.
    Now the man who couldn’t negotiate a blow job if he was standing in a Nevada brothel with a pocket full of $100 dollar bills, has decided to go ahead and slap some tariffs on Canadian imports. Effectively pissing them off, screwing consumers on both sides of the border and simultaneously forcing the creators of “South Park: Bigger, Longer, Uncut” to add the disclaimer, “Based on a True Story” to the opening credits.


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