Daily Gnuz

For Thurzday, The Seventh of Junius.
and Here’s the Gnuz:

Giuliani: Kim Jong Un Got On ‘Hands And Knees And Begged’ Trump For Meeting
Trump hired Giuliani thinking he would make a nice Goebbels. Looks like he got Von Stauffenberg instead.

Trump hit Mexico with steel tariffs. Mexico is hitting back — and targeting Republicans.
H/T Vox
Good for geese, gander and failing republican hog farmers.

Chuck Todd Introduces A Drug For Trump Fatigue
Hilarious! I could use a couple dozen dozens of …Oblivia! (Warning, you could fall asleep at the wheel…the roulette wheel. Do not gamble and take Oblivia at the same time.)

Open Thread, pick it up and sneeze on it!

RUCerious @TPZoo

11 thoughts on “Daily Gnuz

  1. Comcast voice customers suffered a major outage yesterday. According to Thom Hartmann, it’s happening again today
    Kate Gibson at CBS Moneywatch published Thom’s tweet about it.

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