The Wizard of Flaws

the wizard of flaws

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The Wizard of Flaws is the best book ever. The best. Sharp wit. And I have a great part in it. The greatest. I am the most powerful Wizard there ever was. I loved it when flames came out of my nose! So powerful! I totally dominated the Wicked Witch of the West, not to mention Doorothee, the Straw Man, the Iron Lady and the Cowardly Lyin’! Looking forward to the sequel where I get to be even more powerful!

I read this book. I like this book. But it has two problems that must be corrected. Number one: I don’t have hay fever. I’m made of straw, for crying out loud. Number two: Doorothee is a lot smarter and has a lot more gumption than how she is portrayed in this story. Other than that, it’s a great read. I laughed my head off. Literally.

If you like, please post reviews.

8 thoughts on “The Wizard of Flaws

    • Thanks, Jane.

      If you don’t mind, please post a review on Amazon.

      And if Wayne is so inclined to promote it on twitter (I don’t do twitter — so far), I would appreciate it. I do hope it goes viral!

  1. Briseadh, turns out that I can’t review it until I actually buy it (or make some purchase, I’ll have to re-read the details.) We’ve been in a bit of a bad patch lately with me being out a lot, so unfortunately we’ll have to wait a bit to buy it. But once we do, I’ll post a rave review – and it will be honest, your tale is rave-worthy. 🙂

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