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Judge Strikes Down Kobach’s Voter Law— And Orders He Take Legal Ed Classes
Classic slap down of the fascist SecState of Kansas. Learn the law goober. Yes, you have to be schooled.

Now It’s Up to Voters to Stop Gerrymandering
The Supreme Court declined to act to stop partisan gerrymandering, so we must act instead.

H/T The Nation
Absolutely correct. The Blue Tsunami needs to clean the Republican clocks in November, take back the House at a minimum, as well as state houses across the country.
The SCROTUS failed to draw the line defining what is the test for gerrymandering, Clarence declaring that none of the plaintiffs had been harmed. Lemmee see. I live in an area where my vote is meaningless because the district lines are designed to screw me over. No harm? You’ve gone senile Clarence, go away.

Senate candidate Richard Painter pledges to put out Trump’s ‘dumpster fire’ in eye-popping campaign ad
H/T Raw Story
Now HERE’S a guy I could vote for.
If I lived in the land of 10 zillion lakes…

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12 thoughts on “Daily Gnuz

  1. Recent immigration events — lessons:

    1. Our White Supremacist “president” stands as unassailable proof of one basic FACT: white skin does NOT indicate ‘supremacy’ in any realm other than STUPIDITY.

    2. Since Trump will not sign any immigration reform bill that doesn’t contain funding for his border wall, the solution to the problem is obvious. Simply write a bill that includes, say, $25 billion for the wall’s construction. Then, in the fine print (the part that Trump will never read anyway), add the proviso that construction on the wall can begin the very moment we receive that $25 billion check from Mexico.He will sign the bill on the spot, even as he protects the southern border from his destructive (and useless) monstrosity.

  2. He’s also going to stop robbing banks, and only keep the money he’s already stolen.

  3. I got one over at Discussionist that goes by Shkreli, who is going to wear the name ‘Womp Womp’ until he changes his screen name.

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