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Tensions Run High For Republicans As House Heads To Doomed Immigration Votes
A do-nothing Congress is about to do what it does best: nothing.

H/T Huff Po
Complete kabuki theater. Foregone conclusion that none of the idiot Republican plans will pass. They might has well arm themselves heavily with squirt guns, do a right face and fire away at the idiot in front of them.

Trump falsely claimed for days that he couldn’t end family separations
The president is now reversing himself after facing fierce backlash for forcibly removing thousands of children from their parents.

H/T Politico
But, But, Butt, “Only I can Fix IT”, er, “Only Congress can fix it.” OK, I can sign something or other, but probably can’t spell seppereettllly write.

‘He has a gold toilet’: Ex-Obama advisor nails Donald Trump as a member of ‘the elites he decries’
H/T Raw Story
His dumas supporters don’t care that he’s the biggest hypocrite in the arena, they want to be just like Him!

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