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Sorry for the long lapse in coverage, but here’s the Gnuz for Tuez-day

Forced To Choose Between Putin And His Own Government, Trump Picks Putin
Trump says that both countries are equally to blame for the tensions, rather than Russia’s invasion of Crimea or interference in the 2016 U.S. election.

H/T Huff PO
A day that should live in infamy, when our President sided with the Russians against our own Intelligence community.

Putin tells Russian state TV Trump gave him a ‘very interesting offer’ on Ukraine and discussed getting around sanctions
H/T Raw Story
What offer? What did he give up? Effing Idiot….

Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, and America’s “geopolitical suicide”
H/T Vox
America is in deep SHIT.

Open Thread, let’s effing DEAL with it!

RUCerious @TPZoo

27 thoughts on “Daily Gnuz

      • Hi Butterfly, long time no see.

        I suspect the the dotard’s reign of ruin has a lot of regulars bummed out and too disgusted to keep up and participate online. Hopefully some are out working to defeat Republicans in November.

        I’m working on my book about Henry Flagler and frequently veer off on a tangential subject because of a 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon connection to Henry Flagler.

        I’ve also done some mini binge viewing on YouTube on a variety of subjects in the UK and Ireland. I’ve been riding the rails from Aberdeen to Penzance and, while watching many an episode videos of traffic cops, I became an Eddie Stobart Spotter.

        What’s the Zookeeper up to now a days?

        • Hi Pachy, how’s things?

          I’m definitely suffering from outrage fatigue, and it seems to be getting worse every day! At least things are getting a little interesting. 😉

          Henry Flagler seems like an interesting guy. How are you connected to him?

          I’ve been re-reading my Jane Austen books and some other free stuff from gutenburg.net. I’ve also been watching a lot of YouTube as well. Mostly stupid crap like car crash videos and weird but “true” stories. I never thought of sight-seeing on YouTube; I’ll have to check it out!

          No idea who Eddie Stobart is, or why you’d want to spot him. 😆

          • I’ve been researching Henry Flagler because he is one of the major attractions in this tourist city. He was a partner of Rockefeller in Standard Oil, a Gilded Age millionaire who came to Florida in 1888 and built hotels along the railroad he also built, the railroad that went to Key West.

            Eddie Stobart is dead, but before he died he started a trucking company that has grown to one of the biggest in the UK. He gave a woman’s name to his first truck which he named after a current star at the time, Twiggy. Ever since then all their trucks have been named. So people across the pond record the name and ID number of Stobart trucks like others do with train locomotives. Eddied’s brother took over the company and brought in investors and has diversified into rail and air services.

            So I’ve been watching The A1 Britain’s Longest road, Traffic Cops, Motorway Cops and others and I look to see if there are any Stobart trucks in the videos. On, there are videos about Stobart too.

            I have watched a lot of videos about rail in China, Japan, India and Europe. There is an understanding in other countries that an integrated transportation system with fast, efficient trains, both passenger and freight, are necessary to reduce carbon emissions, reduce transportation time and eliminate highway congestion. I’ve concluded that we’re not a very progressive country and certainly behind the times.

            • Follow the money.
              If the USA had high speed rail and public transportation infrastructure like Japan then people wouldn’t be buying lots of gas and new cars and driving everywhere.
              This would reduce revenue for law enforcement on the roads which would cut their budgets.
              This means someones empire is going to be dismantled or reduced in size and that’s not going to happen.
              Most non perishable freight in the US moves by rail but we can’t seem to get our heads around sensible rail projects and efficient public transportation.
              Public transportation in most of the US is a slot reserved for those people in between homelessness and just getting by.

  1. Okay. I’ve finally been able to log on.
    What happened to the password and why did I have to change mine after all these years?
    For several days I couldn’t get on board.

  2. OMG, I was just heard that Putin is behind a plot to flood the market with fake Viagra, proof positive that Russian is interfering with our erections.

    • As Xi Jinping reportedly said to Trump following the Nov 2016 election:

      “Congraturations on your recent erection!”

      Not hard (sotospeak) to imagine Putin grabbing the concept and running with it — and easy to imagine Trump loving the “praise!”

  3. The press is not, as Trump wants us to believe, ‘the enemy of the people’, but it is, ‘the enemy of Trump’s people’.

  4. I asked an associate at Best Buy what it took to play my computer through my TV, and he said all I’d need was a HDMI cable. They looked pretty expensive there, so I held off, looking for a cheaper one. I needed 20 feet, and found a 25 foot one for $25 at Office Depot. I couldn’t make it work at first, then I found the TV manual and figured out there was a button marked ‘Input’ on the remote that got me to the correct menu. I had it hooked up to my Windows 7 computer, with the smaller 15″ monitor. It confused me at first, as I thought the small monitor would ‘mirror’ the TV. I finally figured out that this configuration allowed the TV to function with the 15″ as a dual monitor setup. The cursor moves back and forth between the two screens, and you can drag windows to either one. I had to increase the basic screen size to 150% in order to read print easier on the TV. It’s still in the discovery stage, but today I watched the Nascar race on the TV, from the Nascar website, with the leaderboard on the W10 screen, and I’m not paying for cable either!

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