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Sorry, It’s been a hectic couple of weeks at work, finished a monster reporting project today, back up for air and some vitamins.

And here’s the GNUZ~
Republican’s Narrow Edge In Solidly GOP District Spells Trouble For Party In Fall
It may not spell ‘C E R T A I N D O O M’, but the Republicans are skeeert.
And rightwingfully so.

Obstruction questions still on table for Mueller-Trump interview, Giuliani says
H/T Politico
Betcha tomorrow Trump fires Rudy and gets Hope Hicks to fill in.
At least she’s better looking, and that’s about all that counts at this point.

Nearly half of Republicans say Trump should have ‘authority to close news outlets if they behave badly’: poll

H/T Raw Story
One of the fourteen signs Fascism is taking root.

Open Thread, come clean with it!

RUCerious @TPZoo

31 thoughts on “Daily-iszh Gnuz

  1. I have seen it suggested (though I’ve no link to refer to at hand) that the Green party candidate divided the liberal vote enough to make the difference in Ohio. I don’t get why people refuse to take Arrow’s Paradox of Voting seriously. It isn’t like it is some arcane secret that “they” hide in books; it has been well known for over 60 years.

    • I believe that Green Party voters are deluded about the number of true Green Party members, and that significant numbers of Republicans show up at Green Party meetings, to gin up the fervor among real Greens, who do vote for the Green Party candidate instead of the viable Democrat. These agent provocateurs, of course, vote Republican in the voting booth.
      The only other reason I can see for voting Green is as a protest against the Democratic Party not giving them everything they want, which ain’t gonna happen.

    • The vote tally will not be certified for at least another 10 days; provisional and absentee votes have not been counted yet (3,000?).
      At the end of Tuesday night count, Balderson led O’Conner by 1700+ votes. Green Party Guy had 1,100+ (0.6%) votes. So, as of now, he didn’t draw enough votes to cause O’Conner to lose.

      • Arrow’s Paradox of Voting. Excellent point Dr. Herstein.

        A person can be smart but people as a group, are dumb stupid panicky animals.
        People tend to enjoy ignorance, it’s comfortable.
        People are generally selfish and not very altruistic when it comes to advancing the common good. Road rage in the parking lot after church lets out is a good example.
        As long as people can bitch about gas prices and watch the teevee machine they will remain uninformed or low information.
        I look at it in a more simple light.
        Dog shit taco or diarrhea milkshake, take your pick because the choices are as far from logic as you could imagine.
        Politicians are tools purchased by the wealthy to complete an agenda.

  2. Hope Hicks is better looking than Giuliani…Godziller is better looking than Giuliani. Of course, that’s damning Hope Hicks by faint praise, but there you are.

  3. Do trump’s adoring followers – and, what should be more importantly, the GOP “leadership” believe that trump will go whole-hog dictator as “president for life”? Because the ones who should know better should, well, KNOW better.

  4. Omarosa Claims She Walked In On Trump And Caught Him Eating Paper

    The White House has had a constant problem with Trump destroying his papers, but according to Omarosa, she walked in on Trump in the White House and caught him eating a note.


    Actually, I think he was eating glue. The paper just made it easier to get it into his mouth.

    • He used the paper as a scoop – or TWO SCOOPS! 🙂

      Wayne’s assuming that trump was destroying evidence. Heh. If trump was eating evidence, it’s the closest he’ll come to actually “reading” it.

  5. To explain why the media never reports about good things Trump claims he’s done, Trump never sticks to the truth, so in the rare event he tells the truth, it doesn’t stick to him.

  6. Could whomever holds the keys to the kingdom just post a new page so it doesn’t look like the Zoo died?

    Meanwhile, here’s a tribute to Aretha:

  7. Dear friends, for whatever reasons, I’ve lost access to this site under my original log-in of Briseadh na Faire. The site no longer recognizes my original email, and I can no longer post as an administrator: I’ve lost all administrative access.

    I take it the universe is telling me it is time for me to bid The Zoo a fond farewell. To all the friends I’ve met here, and to all who read and appreciated my posts, I wish peace and blessings on your paths.

    • Thank you Butterfly. I’ve spent a few moments this morning thinking about my earliest memories. I was about 4 and I remember: the iceman delivering ice; “Street Arabs” leading horse drawn wagons selling fruits and vegetables; milk, butter, eggs and cheese delivered by a local dairy; a couple bakeries delivering bread and twice a day mail delivery.

      Perhaps I’ll make an effort to remember things from a different age everyday for the next 69 days. At least then I won’t have to think about the shit-gibbon!

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