Occasional Gnuz

Sorry I’ve been so absent, just too much going on at home and work..

But, here’s the Occasional Gnuz for Twozdae, August 28thish

US court says North Carolina gerrymander is illegal — seeks new congressional map by November
H/T Raw Story
So perhaps there’s hope for this democracy to survive. Courts, judges, the Constitution at work for us as a Nation.

The President Is a White-Nationalist Mob Boss—and His Base Doesn’t Care
H/T The Nation
Nails it. Shut.

Trump’s destruction: A neuroscientist explains what happens when a narcissist begins to lose power
H/T Raw Story (Again)
Sorry to scare the living feces out of you, but this is worth digesting.

Open Thread, take the baton hand off and run with it!

RUCerious @TPZoo

13 thoughts on “Occasional Gnuz

  1. The grocery store where I do a majority of my food shopping employees a man with Down Syndrome, and he’s my favorite employee. I prefer his bagging my groceries because is very careful not to put heavy items on squash-able things. This morning as he was bagging my items he informed me he would begin vacation on October 22. I told him I like a man who plans ahead and assured him I would be sure to get my shopping done before he leaves. He was pleased and I felt good.

    • Three members of my extended family were/are Down Syndrome, and what truly set them apart in this life was not their obvious genetic problem, but rather their tenacity to properly complete any given task, no matter how simple, as precisely as possible, and always with the best possible result. They would find an almost ecstatic pride and satisfaction in such accomplishment.

      Compare them with, say, Donald Trump, and then reflect on a verse by Emily Dickinson:

      Take all away from me, but leave me Ecstasy,
      And I am richer then than all my Fellow Men —
      Ill it becometh me to dwell so wealthily
      When at my very Door are those possessing more,
      In abject poverty —

      Donald Trump: possessing more, In abject poverty now perfectly defined, and in Down Syndrome context for chrissake!

  2. Earlier this year the business next door sold to a larger outfit that proceeded to close this location. Since then, my landlord sold the building where his office was located and moved his office next door to me. I now get to have frequent conversations with the owner, who is 91, and his son who’s in his 50s. They’re republicans, and DeSantis is their Representative, but they voted for Putnam. I voted for Gillum – they both were sure Graham would have won. Its going to be a fun run-up to the election.

    • I wonder if The Rs thought it would be easier to beat the black guy than the white woman, so they rigged the vote so he’d win. I also wonder why the Florida Dems don’t hold a runoff because neither Gillum nor Graham got to 50 percent.

  3. Yesterday, our nephew Adam would have turned 33. I did not have my usual shot of Scotch.

    I stayed home, luckily I had scheduled it as a vacation day, but I’m just starting another 3-week round of Doxyclycline (Lyme, again, or still, whatever.) I had had blood work done on Thursday, as well as a brief exam by my doctor, during which she peered into my right ear and said, more or less, “yaheweblechyee, oh yeah, this one’s infected.” The left ear, “Not so bad.” Oh, yay for me!

    • That’s why I’m not watching. John McCain’s saving grace is that his replacement will almost certainly be a bigger scoundrel than he was. If he’d really wanted to redeem himself, he would have declared himself a Democrat before he became too ill, so the governor would have had to replace him with one.

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