Weekend Edition of Da Gnuz!

Labor Day is nearly upon, so with one final Labor, here’s the GNUZ!

Poll: 60 percent disapprove of Trump, while clear majorities back Mueller and Sessions
H/T WaPo
Down, down, down into that ring of fire…
And it Burns, burns, burns, that ring of fire…

Trump cancels pay raise due to civilian federal workers
H/T Raw Story
Great move, 10 weeks before the election.
Hey ICE guys and gals, that means you too, Merry Effing Xmas!

Finally, under the heading of NO SH!T Sherlock,

Pollster: Income inequality could help explain volatility in America’s political climate
H/T The Hill
Ya Think?
Key excerpt
“Income inequality is on the rise in the U.S., with the top 1 percent bringing in more than 20 percent of all income in the U.S., according to a June 2016 report by the nonpartisan think tank, Economic Policy Institute.”

Open Thread, Use asbestos gloves, pick it up and run with it!

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6 thoughts on “Weekend Edition of Da Gnuz!

  1. What is there to do on a no-work Monday when all the shows are ‘Best of’ and there’s no real news being broadcast? I can’t go out and make noise (re: chainsaw) as that would be inconsiderate to my neighbors, and it’ll be too hot shortly.

  2. Hartmann just now: “For better or for worse, we’re getting the Susan Sarandon scenario”

    He says the country is waking up to what the Right is really up to, and they ain’t liking it!

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