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Here’s the Gnuz for Wednezday September 5th

Progressive Defeats Longtime Dem House Incumbent In Boston
Blue Freaking Wave. 20 feet high, curling like a Waiamea Bay Pipeline…

Trump, White House attack new book from Bob Woodward
H/T WaPo
Bob Woodward. WaterGate, Nixon, TowerGate, Trump.
Ya gotta love the smell of Trumplosion in the morning!

Parkland Dad corrects Sarah Sanders for issuing ‘incorrect’ White House statement on Kavanaugh handshake refusal
H/T Alternet
Kavanaugh is a cowardly puke. Just like the guy who nominated him. And the spokesmule that represents it.

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12 thoughts on “Daily Gnuz

  1. This should make the whole world feel a whole lot better. Or worse, maybe?

    Fox ‘Psychologist’ Pronounces Trump ‘Most Sound-Minded’ President Ever

    Fox News psychologist Gina Loudon argued to Sean Hannity that Donald Trump is not only mentally up to the job but that he might be the most psychologically fit occupant of the Oval Office ever!

    Loudon, who seems to have replaced Dr. Keith Ablow as the Fox News shrink most in need of one, visited the Hannity show last night after a senior Trump administration official anonymously published a devastating editorial in the New York Times about Trump’s unfitness for office,

    Loudon used the occastion to flack both her book and Trump on the air.

  2. (Reuters) – “Twitter Inc said on Thursday that it had permanently banned U.S. conspiracy theorist Alex Jones and his website Infowars from its platform and Periscope.”

    Next move will be corporate name change and new persona for Herr Jones.

    • After my 1st wife took everything and split, I rented a furnished room that was just a few blocks from an Italian restaurant that had great pizza, but didn’t deliver. The pizza crusts were hand tossed and all their dishes were made from scratch. They also served beer and wine as well as six-packs of beer to go. I ate there a lot for a year!

  3. Why do the Republicans in the Trump Administration call these authors who write these books, BASED ON RECORDED INTERVIEWS, liars, when they are only quoting from these RECORDED interviews. Even Old Morosa had recordings. Michael Wolff had recordings. Bob Woodward has RECORDINGS.

  4. What’s calming about an app that sounds like rain, if it makes me need to pee every time the commercial runs on MSNBC?

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