The Weekly Gnuz, Weakly

Another Grueling Week of Nutzo Scheiss, and here’s what’z Gnuz!

Inside the GOP’s rescue mission for Ted Cruz
H/T Politico
You know you’re in Deep Sheep Dip when you have to go to bat for a sitting Texas Senator.
Yes, he’s boring, and unlikeable, and a genuine schiess of a human being, but it is Texas.

His family helped cause the opioid crisis. Now he might profit from addiction treatment.
H/T Vox
More evidence that the health care industry is in a shambles.
Here, let me make billions off of paid medications that addict millions of people and kill tens of thousands.
Now, I can cure the addiction that my meds cause, pay me all the rest of your effing coin!

GOP operatives fear Trump is oblivious to how badly the Republicans will do in the midterms: ‘He’s totally delusional’
H/T Raw Story
Best quote of the article:
“President Trump has been putting out a lot of optimistic tweets about the midterm elections but there is a real concern among Republican operatives and donors he is totally delusional about the chances of taking back the House,” Reston explained.

“She went on to add that Trump may be in the dark because no one close to him is willing to tell him the truth.”

No shit sherlock, after you see umpteen messengers beheaded, you might want to keep your tongue in your mouth, literally.

Open Thread, walk, don’t run with it!

RUCerious @TPZoo

7 thoughts on “The Weekly Gnuz, Weakly

  1. Well, it’s 911 again. Hopefully, this year, we don’t have CIA spooks running guns, and endangering our Ambassadors by having them away from their secure embassies, for reasons that are still classified, and will probably stay classified.

  2. The European model of hurricane shows a southward turn. U.S. model does not show turn yet. FEMA says they are prepared. Given this administration’s poor performance in Puerto Rico and the general mismanagement of other agencies I just hope not too many people will be harmed by the mango maniac’s “leadership.”

  3. I think Trump picked Brock Long to be FEMA director because he liked the name Brock.
    A major storm like Hurricane Florence is bad, but it wouldn’t have to be made worse by Trump’s self serving hyperbole about how great the response is going to be, before the fact.
    Last night on Rachel, Bob Woodward explained Trump’s unwillingness to consider negative information. He really does believe Puerto Rico wasn’t that bad.

  4. If someone flashes the ‘OK’ sign, which is now meant to be a White Supremacist sign, what if you respond with the same sign, using the left hand, and then take your right index finger and move it rapidly in and out of the circle made by the left?

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