Daily Gnuz

For Wednezday, here’s the Gnuz!

Trump’s China strategy is the most radical in decades — and it’s failing
H/T Vox
Raising prices is like the most regressive tax you can burden the American worker’s wallet with. (Say that five times fastly)

With Two Sentences, Supreme Court Lifts Veil On 2018’s Secret Megadonors
We all need some good news once and a while…

Trump’s Lies About Russia Dossier Debunked Once Again
H/T Alternet
So sick of the reich wingers trying to claim the FBI and the Derp State are attempting a ‘soft coup’
What a load of garbage.

Open Thread, sneeze on it then set it on fire!

RUCerious @TPZoo

6 thoughts on “Daily Gnuz

  1. By the bye, per the piece on the tariff-taxes: this is also why a flat income tax is also a bad idea. Like all flat taxes, people in the lower economic strata cannot afford to pay it while people in the upper strata won’t even notice it.

  2. Mark Taylor: Christine Blasey Ford ‘Had Better Repent’ For Attacking ‘God’s Anointed,’ Brett Kavanaugh

    “If Judge Kavanaugh was chosen by God, all I can say is that lady better repent,” Taylor replied. “If God has anointed Judge Kavanaugh, she is now touching God’s anointed. Period. God is not playing games when it comes to that.”

    “You do not come up against God’s anointed. If Judge Kavanaugh has been chosen by God, he is God’s anointed. Period. So this lady needs to repent or, I’m telling you, she is going to be disciplined hard.”

    It’s so simple. Really. 🙄

  3. From our very own Fearless Leader Stable Genius:

    Trump urged Spain to build a border wall across the Sahara desert: foreign minister

    A high-ranking Spanish official says President Donald Trump offered an odd suggestion for helping to halt the arrival of migrants to the European country.
    “Build a wall in the Sahara,” Trump suggested, according to the Spanish official.

    The Spanish delegation expressed skepticism, but the U.S. president pressed on.

    “The border with the Sahara can not be bigger than ours with Mexico,” Trump argued.

    Yeehaw. Yay rah rah. MAGA! Make that MALSAU! (Make Amurkkka Look Stupid As Usual!)

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