More Gnu and Improvised Dailyish Gnuz

Happy Friday, and may All your paydays be wallet-stuffed.

here’s the Gnuz.

Trump wallowing in negative approvalville
H/T Reuters Polling
Disapproval reaches 54.2, approval slinks to 43.3 over all, gap of nearly 11 percentage points.
Among Women
Disapproval up to 57.1, approval at 37.2 nearly 20 points
Among Independent Voters disapproval at 63.5, approval at 30.8, delta of 32.7 wowsuh.

Report: Mueller Team Has Questioned Cohen About Russia, Pardon Talks
I think I see a pattern.
Mueller holds his cards close to the vest while Trump brags about his awesome 4 of clubs and magnificent six of diamonds. He’s sure he’ll draw the 5 of hearts to complete his straight jacket flush.

Walmart warns Trump tariffs may force price hikes: letter
H/T Raw Story
The last damned thing Mal-Wart wants to do is raise prices, but those margins aren’t going to get damaged, oh no..not today, not tomorrow. The customer will pay the tax that the tariffs represnt. Regressing taxes, no less. Congrats, elections have consequences. Vote in November.

Open Thread, read it up and yell a friend!

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15 thoughts on “More Gnu and Improvised Dailyish Gnuz

  1. Someone on Hartmann today said that the reason Susan Collins will vote to confirm Kavanaugh, is because she is expecting LePage to primary her in 2020. Who does she think voted for Angus King? Those voters aren’t going to support LePage. They might not vote for her either.

  2. The Kavanaugh debacle is sucking all the air from the Sunday shows. There hasn’t been a single moment devoted to recovery efforts for Hurricane Florence and whether the Trump administration is doing them any good.

  3. Margaret and Helen!

    Lindsey Graham Sets His Sights On Becoming First Lady

    Margaret, did you know that women currently make up more than half the population in the US, but we are represented by a Congress made up of 80 percent men? Oh, and honey, it gets worse. Among other countries we are ranked 104th in the world when it comes to female representation in government. Five places behind Saudi Arabia! Hell, we’re almost 40 spots behind Iraq… Yes. You heard me: BEHIND IRAQ.

    How long before men realize that women are their equals? After last week, we can probably make the argument that we are more than equal. Everyone of those GOP Senators expected an overly emotional, erratic and maybe even hysterical witness… and let me tell you Brett Kavanaugh did not disappoint. If I were Brett, I’d be worried that The Donald might now try to grab his pussy. Christine Ford managed to stay calm and respectful for 4 hours. Brett couldn’t last 2 minutes before he came undone. And speaking of undone, Lindsey Graham deserves an award for Best Actor in a Supporting Role for his portrayal of Donald Trump’s new girlfriend. Move over Stormy Daniels. Hurricane Graham has arrived.

  4. Trump’s new NAFTA deal is basically the same old NAFTA plus already agreed on terms that were included in the TPP under Obama, according to John Harwood of CNBC.

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