Occasional Gnuz

Well, we’re back with some gnuz.
As dreary as most of it seems, there’s still some hope out there somewhere.
That an upcoming election might still make a difference.

With that thought, here’s whatZ happening.

We were Brett Kavanaugh’s drinking buddies. We don’t think he should be confirmed.
H/T WaPo
Probably too late for these former associates to tell their side of the story.
Time will tell whether this is a flawed appointment. Like the overturning of Roe v Wade with Kavenaugh being the swing vote.

The New York Times has destroyed the most important myth about Trump — and exposed the breadth of his lies and corruption
H/T Raw Story

Trump mocks Ford, Kavanaugh’s accuser
H/T Politico
If I were a Senator, regardless of party or gender, I’d vote no on Kavenaugh just because the person who nominated him is the biggest a$$hole on the planet.

Open Thread, please try to read or enjoy or tickle it!

RUCerious @TPZoo

13 thoughts on “Occasional Gnuz

  1. Here’s a thought: Nikki Haley resigning makes her free to be appointed to finish Lindsey Graham’s term in the Senate if he replaces Sessions as Attorney General.

    • Interesting that Matthew seems poised to sweep through some very conservative areas while some asshole that lives in the White House says climate change is a hoax.

      • Wow, what a goof, its Michael, not Matthew. Matthew’s the hurricane in which my grandson died when it went through North Carolina.

        • Voldemort just said on CNN this storm is the most devastating to hit the Panhandle in a century. I expect it’s still against the rules to mention global warming in official meetings.

  2. ‘Tough as Texas Ted Cruz’, has turned down an invitation to debate Beto on CNN. So Dana Bash and Beto are going to hold a town hall on October 18. Seriously. I guess Texas is only as tough as Ted Cruz, which isn’t so very tough after all.

  3. Been a while since I’ve visited but I figured to pass on some news. I have been retired for a year now and to fill my time I have managed to get two books published. Both are available at Smashwords under my real name Perry Jewell. Amazon is being a stinker on Siege of Duval County and Muse Poop hasn’t been released with their Premium Catalog. A Google search works.

  4. Verne Lundquist is in Tuscaloosa watching the Alabama – Missouri football game right now. He says its his first time to watch a game and not be the play by play announcer since 1971.

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