Pre-Election Gnuz

It’s a week away from one of the biggest turning points in our history and here’s what’s at stake:

Planet has only until 2030 to stem catastrophic climate change, experts warn
We have from now until a newborn goes to middle school to turn this around.
We need leadership that vows to put solar shingles on every roof in America, ban fossil fuel burning cars within five years, put wind powered turbines every place the wind blows.
For starters.
Consumption needs to come down to sustainable levels. Capitalism isn’t going to get that done.
Your thoughts?

Trump isn’t to blame. His entire party is.
H/T WaPo
Sheep to the slaughter. Lemmings first class.

WATCH: Russia expert explains how Trump’s anti-Semitic rhetoric is ‘straight out of Putin’s playbook’
H/T Raw story
It’s a damn shame this president’s tax reuturns are available to show he’s in Putin’s pocket.

Open Thread, pick it up and run with it!

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14 thoughts on “Pre-Election Gnuz

  1. Rachel Maddow just said we would all be watching MSNBC tomorrow night. I guess they’ve never heard of the Alabama Crimson Tide playing LSU in Baton Rouge on a Saturday night.

      • No, not ANY game. Just the ones important enough to be on CBS. The games on other channels are usually blowouts.
        Last night’s game at LSU was worth calling in sick to work to stay home for.

  2. As bad as it would be if Andrew Gillum didn’t win the governor race in Florida, it would be worse nationally if Bill Nelson lost to Voldemort for Senate. Not enough attention is being paid to that race, and there isn’t any attempt I can see to tie Nelson to Gillum’s coattails. I hope those first-time Gillum voters know how to select the correct down-ballot candidates, and drag Nelson across the finish line just ahead of pRick Scott.

  3. Well, all those election clocks that started after Trump was declared the winner in 2016 have counted down to zero. I am hoping by tomorrow it is obvious to all that Trump is fully and completely NEUTERED!

  4. If y’all wonder why I don’t post much lately, there’s one in the spam bin right now. It’s worse when there’s a link in the post, wnich is most of the time.

  5. Tom Brokaw is whining about overreach if Jerry Nadler opens hearings about Kavanaugh?

    What world has he been occupying while Issa and pointy head Howdy Gowdy have investigated every ridiculous notion that popped into their feverish little heads?

  6. I just heard that Jon Tester has retaken the lead and is looking good to hold it with a few Dem favorable precincts left to report!

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