Distractions for Election Day, November 6th, 2018

Georgia voter suppression hasn’t changed much since the last midterm election.  At least this piece from an older Daily Show has humor mixed in with the overt racism.

Republican Activist Resigns After Racially-Charged ‘Daily Show’ Comments

Some satire from The PEN, a progressive activist group:

“Despite the fact that the Statue of Liberty was extensively restored
and rebuilt from 1984 to 1986, today Trump ordered the National Park
Service to further modify it to be in sync with the political climate
he wants to create.

Said Trump, “Unarmed asylum seekers are such a national threat we are
no longer interested in a torch lighting the golden door of the
application office.” Instead, Trump has invited the NRA to submit
models of a new statue in a flak jacket, toting various models of
military assault rifles, rocket propelled grenade launchers, fire
throwers, etc.

Though critics, a lot of people actually, are calling this proposal a
“Statue of Bigotry,” Trump is also directing that the statue to be
moved to our southern border. “That ought to scare these people off,”
added Trump, as if the military deploying 15,000 heavily armed troops
was not enough. Though the problem remains of whose property to seize
by eminent domain for the purpose of a new statue site.

And given the increasingly short attention span of our current
culture, the statue’s famous inscription is to be replaced by a more
blunt and direct, “Get Off My Lawn.””

And here’s some cats, kittens, etc. to help counteract the tension.

UPDATED 1:30pm – now with MORE photos!






Belz and Lissa play while Splatter watches.

Nog (N.O.G. = Not Orange Guy)

Becca prepares to leap.

Mouse and Butterball (“Balls”)


“Face” with spotted belly

“Splatter” and “Preston”

“Pip” and “Valerie”, “Fitzgerald” and “Cecilia”

Wayne holding “Tippy”

Dulcinea and Tippy napping


Tippy with Velveteen Rabbit

“Tippy” and “Dulcie”

Stubby in a Planter

“Troi”, aka “Little One”

“Troi” cuddles with “Jack”

“Troi” with “Dulcie”, “Tippy” and “Face”

Sophie’s litter, “The Sophists”


“Valerie” and “Cecilia”


“Gregg” relaxing

“Missy” and “Gregg”

Eight is enough

How about some nature photos, too?




Skyfire Sunset


Fading Sunset Reflection







great egret visiting pond

Great Egret Visiting Pond


Before First Winter Storm


~ After first winter storm


Lone Pine Reflected


Fall Season Tree

Jane’s Maples


Garden Gate

I hope that this might help us get through Election Day.  Enjoy!


10 thoughts on “Distractions for Election Day, November 6th, 2018

    • Nope, not anymore – only 5 of them are still with us: Missy, Fitzgerald, Squiggy, Blaze and Luna.

      I USED to be totally Crazy Cat Lady, but neighbors complained years ago, and at that point I rounded up almost all of the outside cats and had them spayed and neutered. Most of the kittens that we had at that time were adopted out, but the vet’s office wouldn’t take the ones who weren’t completely healthy, so we ended up keeping some of them (Dulcie and Tippy were among those.)

      And just imagine, I haven’t even scanned most of my GOOD cat/kitten photos–right now I can’t, as the hand-me-down scanner I have from my brother doesn’t work with Windows10. Just another reason for me to HATE Windows10!

      • One of the cats I TNR’d back in the 00’s, when I was still living in Carbondale proper, is still around. My friend adopted him, and took him with on her various moves, ultimately landing in Johnston City, where I’m now “urban camping” behind her poll barn. He’s actually warmed up to me a bit, now that I put out a few kibbles for him, and will allow — sometimes even insist — me to pet him at times.

        My own crew are a pair of kittens, brother and sister, from a litter that the neighbor’s cat had. (Or, a least, that a cat had under the neighbor’s porch.) Since they were handled from a very young age, they were never feral.

    • Wayne and I voted a little after 5pm (Eastern) so that we’d be home and ready to watch by 6:00.

      I saw you over at the Kemp story, and was about to mention that I had put up this post, then I figured I should check to see if you’d stopped by here – and so you did! 🙂

      I’m blogwhoring this thread at RS, BTW.

      • Still got the old blog whoring skillz, huh Jane? 😀

        Srsly, Kemp sounds like an uneducated hillbilly. He took “uh oath?” Jeebus, how embarrassing.

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