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Well, the Election is over, the House belongs to the Democratic Party, and Trump feels like he’s had a great Triumph.

So here’s what’s in the Gnuz
Trump is about to sign an asylum ban
H/T Vox
SubHeadline – “The policy to limit asylum to people who cross at official ports of entry — teed up by a regulation published Thursday night — is Trump’s most legally dicey immigration move yet.”

Red Meat for the White Nationalist Fascist Party (henceforth referred to as the WNFP) rabids.

Acting AG Whitaker Once Said Russian Election Interference Had Been ‘Proven False’
Exactly why Trump appointed him.
Next up, Trump nominates the biggest asshole (other than himself) to the post, and knows the Senate won’t confirm, rinse and repeat, and Mueller is fired, the cover up continues unabated.

Sarah Sanders promotes an altered video of CNN reporter, sparking allegations of visual propaganda
H/T WaPo
Well, we know they have no shame, pushing a doctored video as some kind of evidence that the ‘enemy lurks’

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