Another Episode of Occazional Gnuz

Today we find ourselves holding our breath, waiting for Bronze Star Guy to unload his avalanche of facts, determinations and indictments.

But, until then, here’s the GNUZ!

Mueller: DOJ Leadership Shake-Up Doesn’t Affect My Legal Authority
So, Mr. Prezidunce, if you thunk for a minute that your illegally appointed, un-Senate confirmed flunky you didn’t know, was going to shut down the investigation, you’re as stupid as you look and sound.

Playing nice is not an option, Democrats: It never works. It’s time to stand up for something
H/T Paul Rosenberg with an excellent piece on fighting fire with napalm flamethrowers.

Here’s why Donald Trump is ‘afraid’ to visit American troops in combat zones
H/T Raw Story
Well, yes. We knew Cadet Bonespurs was a cowardly chickenfecesforbrains shirker.
Thanks for confirming.

Open Thread, pick it up and run with it!

RUCerious @TPZoo

9 thoughts on “Another Episode of Occazional Gnuz

  1. Who would have thought that turkey cooked in a crock pot would be better than dry roasted in an oven? We only needed to feed three, and we still have leftovers!

    • That’s what I get at work every night. Might as well be. They have to play ‘Crazy Train’ to lighten the mood! 95.1, WRTT in Huntsville, known as ‘Rocket 95’, but I call it Rat 95 instead. They play the most depressingly macabre music ever recorded.

  2. Wouldn’t it be ironic if Dotard shuts down the government, and the Border Patrol all go home, just as the caravan reaches the border?

  3. Pullman, Washington is about to be buried in snow as the Huskies and Cougars try to play their rivalry game. So far the advantage seems to be with the Huskies.

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