Mid-Week Gnuzishness

Welcome to Wednesday, Middle of the Weekish Gnuz be forthwith
Sorry if you’re being held on Trumped up charges, but here’s more about the Prezidunce.

Watergate prosecutor reveals bombshell results of Manafort’s lies: ‘Mueller’s got the evidence of conspiracy’
H/T Raw Story
Smoking Gun? Speeding Bullet? Ole Twumpy’s in a world o’ scheiss!

Here are 7 of the most ridiculous and embarrassing moments from Trump’s latest interview revealing he has no idea how to be president
H/T Alternet
Even for TemperTantrumTrump, this is a doozy!

Trump rejects ‘man-made’ climate change
H/T The Hill
We’re gonna have a lot of catching up to do once we rid the White House of this vermin.

Open Thread, snitch it up and run with it!

RUCerious @TPZoo

16 thoughts on “Mid-Week Gnuzishness

  1. Ok. Nancy Pelosi is nominated to be Speaker in the new Congress and the Dow went up 600 points. I’m not altogether comfortable with that…

    • Sucks that politics as usual are still the norm.
      We are facing major climate disaster without a complete about face on energy, and she’s twisting and breaking arms, wheeling and dealing committee assignments in exchange for loyalty oaths.

  2. Looked forward to seeing Rachel tonight, and Daddy Bush has died, so no replay of her show. Trump will be a bigger dick in Argentina than he already has been, and the media won’t even notice now.

  3. I heard that Trump and Xi got into a pissing match tonight, and Donnie won.
    He came out soaking wet and reeking of urine.

    • But they did kiss and make up, right? Trump’s on the rebound since Vlad was seen getting cute with MbS at the G20.

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