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Welcome to Frigga’s Friggin day, end of a monstrous week for OrangeGuy, and in other GNUZ…

HuffPost: Trump Considering Son-In-Law Kushner For Chief Of Staff Job
Well, Nepotism has its ups and downs, ins and outs, so just go to Jared for some cheap baubles…

We read Democrats’ 8 plans for universal health care. Here’s how they work.
H/T Vox
Whoa there! This makes a buttload of sense. Run on THIS in 2020!

‘A massive cover-up of really unparalleled proportion’: Former prosecutor argues Trump’s crimes are of a much ‘larger’ scale than just collusion
H/T Alternet
No surprises here, just the Grifter-In_Chief plying his corrupt wares…

Open Thread, sling it over your shoulder and run with it!

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25 thoughts on “Daily-ish Gnuz

    • Look at that stupid face. I don’t know any actual adults who would ever display such a face, unless it was in a joking manner.

  1. Trump is now referring to Saturday Night Live as ‘unfair news’ and a ‘Democrat spin machine’. If he wasn’t so dangerous this would be howling with laughter fun.

  2. Seen on Trump’s twitter feed:

    The Republicans should build the wall out of Hillary’s emails since there is obviously no way to get over them.

  3. As of tonight I have my forty for the week, and I managed to save enough leave to be off until January 2nd. It was either that or work three days on day shift next week. That schedule change nearly killed me last time I had to do it.
    They’re having a company Christmas party tomorrow at 11:30 am. Our attendance isn’t compulsory, fortunately.

    • Thank you Ronald Reagan, a rotten actor and front man for big money, for trickle down economics and wage stagnation.

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