Wednesday, March 13, 2019: HUMP DAY


Unnamed sources within the Deep State released a bombshell that has thus far gone unnoticed by the mainstream media. Trump intends to declare a national emergency and impose severe restrictions on the flow of melanin into the United States.

“The United States is being overrun by melanin.” Trump is supposed to have declared behind closed doors. “Our current laws are inadequate to keep melanin from crossing our borders. People who bring in melanin also bring in violence, disease, and disorder. They are trying to destroy the very fabric of the American People.” Trump posted, in a now-deleted tweet.

Orders under Trump’s Melanin Emergency include barring entry at the border to individuals with excess melanin. However, this won’t apply to people with commercially enhanced melanin. Trump’s executive order will, however, impose a tax on tanning salons, lotions & creams. “The only way to regulate melanin is to tax it.” Trump is reportedly have to had said. “By taxing melanin, we can make sure only the right people have access to it.”

Trump’s emergency declaration and executive orders are planned to be the springboard for his re-election bid to “Make America White Again.”

13 thoughts on “Wednesday, March 13, 2019: HUMP DAY

  1. Samantha Bee discussed Tucker Carlson on her show, noticing that the letters of his name could be rearranged to say ‘Old Crackernuts’. I think that’s an ideal nickname to use when referring to TC in the future.

    • And we now have a baby boy giraffe, born on Saturday. Wayne and I watched the birth – the poor little guy had a six-feet drop, since giraffes calve standing up. I put up a new link on my previous thread, but here it is if you want to see the giant baby, he’s usually sleeping in the ‘upper right’ corner:

      Oops, on the ‘night cam’, the angle is a little different. Baby G is in the right-side corner.

  2. Hey, I finally got logged in on my tablet!
    I only had to dump all the cookies, history and cache and then come straight here and do it first.

  3. See, I didn’t have to switch to my phone to post this!

  4. ‘Republican Operative’ is believed to be Mark Salter, John McCain’s press secretary.

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