Wednesday, 3/27/19: HUMP DAY



As the case of Obamacare winds its way through the federal courts, the Trump Justice Department has raised a new argument in its bid to have Obama’s signature healthcare declared unconstitutional. Trump’s DOJ argues that the entire healthcare law, now stripped of its “individual mandate” should be declared unconstitutional because it infringes on peoples’ deeply held religious beliefs.

Health care, they argue, is a secular system and relies upon faith in man’s knowledge instead of God’s love. Stripping millions of people from the secular health care system will force them to turn to God for healing. This, in turn, is keeping with the founding father’s intent that ours is a Christian Nation.

Vice President Pence is said to be closely monitoring this case as it goes before the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals. The case, Texas v. Azar, is expected to go to the Supreme Court where Justice Kavanaugh is expected to be the one writing the majority opinion upholding the lower court’s ruling that all of Obamacare is unconstitutional and replacing Obamacare with “Thoughts and Prayer Care.”

12 thoughts on “Wednesday, 3/27/19: HUMP DAY

  1. I expect the ACA repeal vote will include refusing care to any persons who show up without the means for the care provider to be reimbursed fully on demand.

  2. Since I lost my job on January 2nd, the company is still covering me until the end of April. I’ve started looking into the NY State version of the ACA, and it appears that I SHOULD get subsidized so that I should only have to pay less than $200 a month (compared with $700/month if I wanted to be added to Wayne’s coverage.) If the SCOTUS strikes down the ACA, I don’t know if the state will subsidize me. 😦

  3. I’m on Social Security. Costs me about $125/mo, deducted from my Social Security. I’ve used it a lot in the last five years, and it does indeed have some serious shortcomings (e.g. pharma and physician co-pays). Bottom line, however, suggests that my last year’s roughly $3500 out-of-pocket towards my $250,000 chemo, radiation, 4 doctors, and Rx fees could have been a hell-of-a-lot worse.

    I do FULLY support the most comprehensive and universal medical care act there could ever be, so long as it contains one basic premise: BANKRUPT THE PRIVATE INSURANCE COMPANIES, EVERY DAMNED ONE OF THEM!!!

    Bottom line: Universal Health Care for everyone – well, except for Republicans maybe. Charge them, say, $25,000 a month for their “insurance” – with NO pre-existing coverage! I’m sure they won’t mind. They never have, after all.

  4. Trump is proposing cutting US aid to three Central American countries, El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras. This is a screenshot of an actual Fox and Friends chyron:

  5. This is the best expression of our (country’s) current political dilemma I’ve run across, courtesy of Mark E Andersen on Daily Kos:

    [Today’s Republicans] will do everything they can to hurt the American people. Pre-existing conditions, screw you. Lose your job, suck it up. Your employer went belly up and raided your pension for golden parachutes—oh well, hope you like cat food. Save the babies—until they are born, then screw ’em. That is the Republican Party of today. The only plank they actually have in their platform is cutting taxes. The only people they care about earn seven figure incomes. The only thing they care about is maintaining power. The GOP of today is a far cry from the party of Eisenhower.

    Today they are the party of racists, xenophobes, white supremacists, and fascists. I wish this were hyperbole—but it is not. The Republican Party of today has morphed into a party of the worst parts of America. They ignore facts, reason, and logic. They have put the corporate profits of dying industries over the health and welfare of the American people, and citizens of the world. They lie about Democratic proposals to solve our problems. The Green New Deal—was equated to farting cows.

    Over the next two years we must make sure that the Republican Party is called out for their hypocrisy, their failure to lead. This is not just about the criminal in the White House, this is about their entire party. The Republican Party, and politicians like Mitch McConnell, are nothing more than a cancer that must be removed. Our very future depends on it—today’s Republican Party stands for nothing. They must not be allowed in power again.

    What are our chances?

    • We need to imprison all who have broken laws — for a long time — and vote out the rest. We’re going to need several generations to recover from this clusterfuck admin.

  6. Earlier on Hartmann, a Youtube chat comment called the GOP healthcare plan the Pay Out Of Pocket plan or POOP.

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