Mundane Munday Gnuz

Another Mundane Monday, and here’s what’s passing for Gnuz these daze.

Trump to trade Places with Kim Jun Un
H/T href=”gotchabigtime.fakegnuz”> The Dirty Rotten Scounderels
In shocking gnuz today, Trump and Kim traded places.
Trump was seen smirking now that he’s Diktator for Life in North Korea.
Kim was seen packing suitcases full of condoms in anticipation of being like his pal Donnie, but with hot American porn stars

North Korea declares war on US, starting with an embargo of all American Television and News shows
H/T href=”really?.com”>
North Korea, its new leader not realizing they were still at war with the US, declared it again. They are banning all importation of American Television, especially the News.
DonneKimChee will have only one station, all DonnieKimChee, all the time.

And, in other breaking Gnuz, Russia annexed North Korea, deposing the new leader and appointing him Mayor of Outer Siberia.
H/T href=”Whatdayisittoday.gotcha”> aka TASS

Open Thread, pick it up and run with it!

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19 thoughts on “Mundane Munday Gnuz

  1. Today’s SMH moment:

  2. I just watched a Mannix episode that had Buffalo Springfield playing in a coffee shop. They even played For What It’s Worth!

  3. Trump’s lawyer says Dems just want Trump’s tax returns to ‘damage him politically’. Seems to me if information in the tax returns is bad enough to do that, the American people have the right to know any and all of that information, and should have had it before he was even nominated.

  4. Rachel has Larry Summers on, and I remember why for years I called him Larry Slumbers. He must be the most somnambumatic person in the world. David Axelrod (Halfshaft) can only get to second place.

  5. So the Brits have arrested Assange. Does anybody believe that if he is extradited to the US that Trump, who he helped to get elected, is going to prosecute him for anything substantial?

  6. I think Assange’s only way out of life imprisonment is to out the Moron’s inner circle, Roger Stone, Manafort, etal, and their their conspiracy with Russia.

    • On MSNBC, just now, Republican strategist Rick Tyler said that adding immigrants to ‘sanctuary cities’, usually Dem strongholds, would inflate their populations ahead of the 2020 census, and increase their representation in Congress.

  7. Why isn’t interactive TV where you hit a button, and activate the shock collar wrapped around the guy’s nuts, who turned up the volume too loud on the commercials at the TV station?

    • You can thank Kellogg’s. They found the high volume commercials caught the attention of children, which helped sell cereal.

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