Hump Day, 4/24/2019 edition

Breaking Gnus:

Mexico detains Americans at border crossings and other points of entry – separates children from parents.

Citing a massive influx Americans fleeing the U.S. the Mexican government instituted a policy similar to that of the United States. American citizens, claiming they are “tourists” are being detained at the border and housed in tent cities. Their children are separated from their parents and kept in “tender care” campos. Thus far there are no plans to keep track of which children are taken from which parents.

The Mexican government has issued assurances that they will give the same standard of care to these border crossers that the United States has given to individuals and families crossing from Mexico into the United States.

Young adults flying into ports of entry claiming they are on “Spring Break” are housed in youth lock-down facilities until their status can be ascertained, which could, according to government officials, take several months. “These young Americans bring in a tremendous amount of lawlessness, ranging from public drunkenness to debauchery. This must be stopped before they corrupt the youth of Mexico.” an unnamed public official said, off the record.

Trump responded in a late night tweet, threatening to increase tariffs on tourism to Mexico and institute a special duty on imports of Mexican covfefe.

23 thoughts on “Hump Day, 4/24/2019 edition

  1. “My first night in Juarez, I lost all the money I had,
    One bad senorita, made use of one innocent lad,
    But I must keep on runnin’, it’s too late to turn back,
    I’m wanted in Tucson I’m told,
    Yeah and things’ll blow over on the seashores of Old Mexico”
    Merle Haggard 1979

  2. I’ve often thought that some poor souls were so enamored with trump that they had lost their sensayuma.
    So I forwarded this latest Breaking Gnus to an expat couple I know here in Mexico who are staunch conservatives and Proud of it, and my sentiments were confirmed.

    The response I received after they read the Gnus was:
    “Such garbage! There weren’t many Americans if any!
    Oh me!”

    I can’t wreck her night and tell her “It was a joke!”

  3. Leader of U.S. border armed militia group attacked in jail: attorney

    The leader of an armed militia group that spent the past two months detaining migrants at the U.S.-Mexico border has been hospitalized after he was attacked in the prison where he was awaiting trial on federal firearms charges, his attorney said.

    Larry Hopkins, 69, was in hospital with broken ribs after being attacked on Tuesday at the Dona Ana County Detention Center in Las Cruces, in southern New Mexico, attorney Kelly O’Connell said.

  4. It just occurred to me that we’ve waited longer for Biden to announce he is officially running than we waited for Bernie to release his tax returns. Now, which one of those two events was the corporatist Dems screeching about on all the blogs?
    If Biden didn’t have any more desire to be president than it appears he does, I don’t want him to be the nominee.

  5. Twitter banned a large number of pro-Trump bots, and now Trump is whining about how Twitter is reducing the amount of followers he has.

  6. The New York Attorney General’s office is receiving Trump financial documents from Deutsche Bank, per the subpoena the bank requested to cover their ass for giving them. Too late for Trump to sue to stop them now.

  7. I’m going to be really interested in the last five minutes of Rachel on the ereplay, where she explains how the black woman vote didn’t turn out for Hillary. For two plus years, the PUMAs have been blaming it all on Bernie Bros, when we know they were never going to vote for her. Bernie had crossover appeal even if he wouldn’t have turned out the black women, he was outside the cheat margin that took out Hillary.

    • Here is the article Rachel was apparently citing.

      Black voter turnout fell in 2016, even as a record number of Americans cast ballots

      6) The voter turnout rate among women was 63.3% in 2016, mostly unchanged from 63.7% in 2012. The rate increased among white women, to 66.8% in 2016 from 65.6% in 2012. But it decreased among black women (64.1% in 2016 versus 70.7% in 2012). Among Hispanic women, the turnout rate stayed flat: 50% in 2016, compared with 49.8% in 2012. Meanwhile, among men, the voter turnout rate stayed flat (59.3% in 2016 versus 59.7% in 2012), trailing the rate among women.

    • I’m not excited about Biden, and I don’t think he’s a shoo-in to beat trump, despite trump supposedly being worried most about Biden. While I have a lot of affection for our ‘Funny Uncle Joe’, I’m liking several of the other candidates better as presidential candidates.

      Of course, at the same time, I’m dreaming that trump will be impeached and removed from office before 2020.

      I wonder what the Rs would do if William Weld actually beat trump for the R ‘nomination’ – and I wonder what it would take for something like that to happen in trumpworld?

      • “I wonder what it would take for something like that to happen in trumpworld?”

        A lot of Dems voting in Republican primaries for Weld?

      • There are a lot of very good candidates, and speculation on the two who make a great 2020 ticket. When the dust settles, we vote for whoever it is running against the Moron.

  8. Look! A bipartisan kabuki dance for infrastructure!
    It’ll create jobs! (They just won’t pay a living wage)
    We’ll take all the money we need from Social Security and Medicare!

  9. The corporate media is misleading the viewers/listeners.
    It’s not a strong economy if it’s foundation is increasing the deficit.

    Obama kept the economy improving as the deficit went down
    Trump is having to increase the deficit to do the same thing.

    Year Deficit
    2008 $459
    2009 $1,413
    2010 $1,294
    2011 $1,300
    2012 $1,087
    2013 $679
    2014 $485
    2015 $438
    2016 $585
    2017 $665
    2018 (est) $779
    2019 (est) $1,091
    2020 (est) $1,101
    2021 (est) $1,068

    • I did the math once – at minimum wage with the entire population working and taxed at 100%, it would take hundreds of years to pay off the debt Trump is running up.

      Our economy is the 1% running up a bar tab they will never repay as they board the lifeboats on the sinking Titanic, leaving the rest of us behind.

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