Old Gnuz: Look Back in Irony

While clearing out an old magazine rack, we ran across – surprise! an old magazine!  (Seriously, we almost never buy any magazines.)  Actually, it was the ‘People Magazine’s 2006 Sexiest Man Alive’ issue, with George Clooney on the cover – which may explain why we happened to have that particular issue.

But don’t worry, this isn’t going to be about sexy men.

Nope – it’s about Donald Trump, Jr., and the “Scoop” in that People issue: 

“Another Trump on the Way”

“The Donald may soon be known as The Gramps.  Donald Trump, Jr. and his wife of one year, Vanessa, have confirmed to Scoop that their first child – the mogul’s first grandchild – is due early next summer.  “Everyone’s very excited,” says Vanessa, 28. Although “if you mention the ‘grandpa’ word [to Donald Sr.], he might not be so excited.”

Complicating the family dynamics:  The new baby’s uncle Barron (son of the elder Trump and his wife Melania) is just 8 months old.  “They’ll be more like brothers, or brother and sister,” says Vanessa, who wants her baby’s sex to be a surprise.

What kind of father will Donald Jr., a Trump Organization executive VP, be?   A lot like his own dad.  “Trumps don’t do diapers,” says Don, 28.  But he does vow to be more hands-on – think playing catch – with his own kids.  “She [wants] five,”  Don says. I’ll wait till [sic/mine] she cranks out one, and then I want to renegotiate that back a bit.”  Spoken like a Trump.”

Looks like he’s had to renegotiate more than just the number of kids his wife “cranks out” – now it’s more like the number of kids he gets to see.    “Spoken like a trump,” indeed.

Open thread – what’s on your mind?

23 thoughts on “Old Gnuz: Look Back in Irony

  1. The DHS is saying they can’t or won’t accept donations from groups trying to help these immigrant children get better treatment. If these children were made homeless and separated from their parents due to a natural disaster, like a flood, hurricane or tornado outbreak, FEMA would be in charge and they DO accept donated items. We have the wrong agency trying to help these children.

    • No, it’s not the wrong agency, because they don’t WANT to help these children. They’re enjoying the cruelty of it, and sadly, I don’t think I’m exaggerating there.

      This truly needs klieg lights shown on it. Seriously, every TV/radio/print journalist needs to demand answers, including each and every location where children are being held. Congress needs to hold hearings – jeez, I never thought I’d say that we need more representation in Congress, but we need the bodies/committees to hold this clusterfucker accountable.

      Jebus, the U.N. should be all over us for this horror.

  2. Dos Equis commercial done to ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart’, belongs in a ‘some things are not like the others’ comparison in a childrens’ Kindergarten class. Comparison should be this commercial versus other ads that have at least SOME class.

    Democratic Underground has lost a lot of my esteem lately. Running ANY candidate against Trump is a golden opportunity to push through the most Progressive candidate possible, not the time to panic and nominate ‘Status Quo Joe’ assuming (remember what they say about assuming?) we need to play it safe to secure a Presidential win in 2020. That’s allowing the Overton Window to move so far to the right we not only can’t make headway on climate change, we can kiss any return to Net Neutrality goodbye as well. Biden couldn’t finish his announcement of his candidacy before he ran to the home of the head of Comcast’s lobby shop, David L. Cohen, for a big money fundraiser.

    • I started at HuffPo in 2005. I didn’t get to TP until after the 2006 election when the troll traffic increased exponentially and HuffPo started pre-moderating all comments, rendering conversation impossible. I was fairly impressed with TP in those days, and still was up until Faiz Shakir implemented the Facebook comment system. That ruined it for me so badly that I wasn’t even around there when they got rid of comments entirely. I haven’t depended on TP for information for a long time now. We never mattered to them anyhow.

      I wonder if Hillary had been elected if most of the staff at TP would have wound up with positions in the Clinton Administration?

  3. And the webcam on top of the Washington Monument is ‘currently unavailable’, since it shows the lack of crowd for Trump’s Fourth Folly. It’s currently raining anyhow.

  4. I hope everybody is OK in SoCal tonight. I’m reading of another, stronger earthquake in the Ridgecrest, California region.

  5. Funny how I have a Disqus login that works for Crooks and Liars, but when I try to use it at Raw Story, it tells me I either have the username or password wrong, but it doesn’t know which. It’s a major reason why I never comment there.

  6. When the media talks about Bernie Sanders’ Medicare For All plan, they claim it costs $30 billion dollars. I guess their calculations assume that all those employers expect to keep the money they are spending now on employee healthcare.

  7. Senator John Kennedy called ‘The Squad’ members ‘The Four Horsewomen of the Apocalypse’.

    • Which Trump are we seeing here? The one who doesn’t want the voters to know he fucks around on his trophy wife, or the one who wants his sleazeball buddies to be impressed he can (could) still bang a porn star?

  8. CNN debate lineups:

    Tuesday 7/30

    Wednesday 7/31
    De Blasio

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