Blogging Allows Venting

It’s been years since I posted something here.  In 2016, my political venting was done on Facebook.  Since then, I have become acutely aware that Facebook is NOT my “Friend”.  Where, o where can I vent?  Tpzoo provides a safe and friendly environment for that.

The campaign season is quickly approaching and there are still too many choices.  Ha!  I predict that by January 2020, the number of candidates left with any money in their campaign funds will be down to 10.  It would benefit our nation and the world if we replace Fatsolini with a Democrat.  In order to reap any benefits from having a Democrat in the White House, it is imperative that we keep the House and we take the Senate back from Moscow Mitch.

That’s about all that I have for now.  It isn’t much, but, it is a start.  I will leave you with what I saw written on a bumper sticker; “Carry like 1776”.  Hmm, guess that means muskets.

Feel free to vent.  It’s good for the soul.

10 thoughts on “Blogging Allows Venting

    • A little bit of history. When George W. Bush was in office, several members of TPZoo would post comments at ThinkProgress. This is where we met and we bonded. Things got a bit “complicated” at ThinkProgress so this little group of people that were posting comments there, decided to create their own blog. That is how TPZoo got started. The “TP” represents “Think Progress”. It’s sad to say “good-bye” to such a great blog. It was our birthplace.

      • Good times back then – fighting with trolls, taking over threads, lots of great commenters. Luckily, many of us oldtimers are still around, although somewhat scattered. Sadly, too many of our old friends are gone.

        I believe our old friend Faiz Shakir is with Bernie’s campaign now.

    • Welcome back Cats!

      As I understand it, TP will still exist for CAP ‘scholars’ to post…whatever. I have the bookmark, but long ago it moved off the header of my bookmarks bar to the little drop down thingy on the right.
      I hadn’t been to TP in a while, then realized I couldn’t find any comments section. The CAP ptb hated having comments anyway, but that was what made it popular.
      I started hanging there after Huffpost became too cumbersome with all their pre-moderation delays, which is, of course, how I found you folks. WordPress notified me of my 11th year here on Aug. 28th, which is also the Zoo’s anniversary, one more than mine.

      • Thank you. After all the selling of our data done by Facebook, I believe that a blog is a safer place as it doesn’t collect much data about an individual. Moving forward, I will use Facebook as a means to connect to friends across the nation and around the world and not for politics.

  1. Hi Cats! Nice post.

    Eleven years ago this little band of Troll-slayers set forth to create a troll-free corner of the Interwebs where we could post and comment. We’re still here, albeit not as frequent with our posts as in days of yore. And we’re still troll-free, which is a bit amazing, given the prevalence of bots out there.

    Around a decade ago, I applied to work at Think Progress. I was told I was overqualified. Go figure.

  2. Thank you BNF. Has it been that long? I remember us posting support for the Democratic candidates, especially Barack Obama. We were all so excited at that time, so much so, that I created a Pennsylvania blog for Obama. Back then, everyone had a blog. It’s good to be back. Now I have to twist Zooey’s arm to get her back in the game here at The Zoo.

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