The latest rumor is that Ivanka and Jared asked dotard Donnie to remove Mike Pence from the 2020 ticket.  What do you expect to happen?  Why it is the TRUMP/TRUMP ticket for 2020.  Dotard Donnie and his “crush” Ivanka would be on the same ticket.  Yep.  He thinks and she thinks that she will be the first female president.  After all, she has been traveling the world with daddy and meeting with diplomats in preparation for her big moment.  Don’t forget all that White House training that daddy is giving her.

Open Thread.  Have at it.

16 thoughts on “TRUMP/TRUMP 2020

  1. One of the stories floated on social media is that he’d resign shortly after the election, and hand it to her. One of my thoughts was that she’d back stab the senile putz and 25 him. She’d have to ensure he couldn’t cut her out of his will though …

  2. Pete Buttigieg is one of the candidates that I admire and that I am following. There are others. He was on the Colbert Show the other evening and once again, he mentioned the Supreme Court. If elected, he plans on making changes to the Supreme Court. One would be term limits and the other would be increasing the number of justices. Neither would be unConstitutional as Article III does not mention a specific time frame nor does it mention a specific number of justices for the Supreme Court.

  3. What a wonderful opportunity for Ivanka to promote her merchandise!

    She could name Jared as her V.P. and appoint Eric to be Secretary of State!

  4. Welcome back, Cats, and thanks for posting some new threads. I keep meaning to work on new posts, but it’s all been so depressing, it’s hard to focus.

    I’ve never been a fan of Facebook in the first place, and I’ve never posted much of anything there, including personal info. I still get notifications about some of our old friends at ThinkProgress but I don’t see any of them commenting anywhere.

    I DID see Zooey commenting under her real name at Raw Story the other day. I used to run into her there more regularly, but since they’ve gone crazy with ads, a lot of regulars there got fed up. One bunch started their own blog, “In The Raw”, in the same way that we all started TheZoo back in the TP days. They’re a nice group there. too.

  5. To add my two cents to the discussion on whether to impeach: I call it a case of kick ass or candy ass. The kick ass crowd is ready to impeach and let the chips fall as they may. The candy ass crowd just can’t bring themselves to join the fight.

      • If we’re on the subject of cat analogies, I’ve also seen a cat watch a hole in a tree or the ground because once a rat came out of it, then get bored and walk away, only to spend time watching that same hole again and again, just in case. What’s needed is a dachshund to dig into the hole and use that long slender nose to drag the rat out.
        I think the House needs to start the real impeachment process and get documents and witnesses that are being withheld from the committees.

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