President T-Rex?

Tyrannosaurus rex:

A large, carnivorous (see carnivore) dinosaur that walked on two legs. Its name is from the Greek words meaning “tyrant” and “lizard” and the Latin word for “king.”

With small hands.

39 thoughts on “President T-Rex?

  1. A few thoughts….

    Whenever I see William Barr, I think “How are they going to get the noose around that fat bastard’s neck.

    Why have our troops been moved a couple of miles away from a military base they’ve turned over to the Russians?

    How many years do we actually have left? The oceans are dying at a much faster rate than expected.

    How much money does Exxon – Mobil need to make make for stockholders who will fry in their own body fat just like the rest of us?

  2. I’m really glad I DVRed Rachel tonight. I usually miss the first ten to fifteen minutes getting home for the replay after Eleventh Hour.

  3. Will New York need to sue Florida to force de’Santis to extradite the Moron?

    Just thinking a few moves ahead…

    (Feel free to use the word “snollygoster” in your response).

    • Republicans, the party of “law and order”, are arguing that the grand jury process is unconstitutional.

      Think about that for a moment.

      Time’s up.

  4. Moving the goalposts once again: Now Trump says he doesn’t want public hearings. I thought last week they were whining about a lack of transparency?
    They’re not content with moving them straight back, over and over. Now they’re shifting them from side to side as the ball is being kicked.

  5. Trump trod the hallowed ground of Bryant-Denny Stadium today and LSU beat Alabama, snapping a 31 game home winning streak. Everything Trump touches does indeed die.

    • Yeah, a talking box wants me to take a crap in it and mail it off to them.
      I find this disturbing.
      This why I watch obscure teevee like Grand Sumo Highlights and Godzilla movies.

  6. According to a BBC America promo, we are closing in on a new season of Doctor Who. Since resuming having cable TV, I’ve been picking up stray episodes on the DVR, which has exceptionally large space compared to my old Comcast unit.

  7. I wasn’t planning on being up at 3 am with the power off, but we’re having an ice storm, apparently. I had to get the wood stove going so we wouldn’t get too cold. Already seen a power company truck pass by the house with its yellow lights flashing so I expect they’re on the job to restore the power. It’s strangely windy though, and that’s worrying.

  8. Jim Jordan needs to run into the judge from My Cousin Vinny and receive a lecture about being respectfully attired in a lawyerly fashion.

  9. I think I’ve finally figured out what worries me about Pete Buttigieg. I was watching him talk to Chris Matthews with the sound off.
    He reminds me too much of John Edwards.

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