Happy Birthday, RUCerious!

And many happy returns of the day!

So, what kind of birthday cake would you like?

One with your age on it?

bday cake 21
bday cake 30.jpg

One with fruit on it?

bday cake w raspberries

Or one in the shape of a fruit?

bday cake pineapple

Something simple?

bday cake simple

Or something amazingly elaborate?

bday cake elaborate

I know! How about one with frogs on it?

bday cake frogs

Or maybe not frogs – okay, lessee, R2D2?

bday cake r2d2

Something a tad more dignified?

bday cake wine

Now, I like this one ’cause it comes with matching cupcakes –

bday cake w cupcakes

Okay, I think I found the right one – it has my birthday wish to you on it ~


bday cake peace sign


13 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, RUCerious!

        • It’s eating him up.

          He’s been impeached, no one can ever pardon him. If he does the crime, he does the time. He knows SDNY is sitting there waiting with charges filed against him. What can he do, besides leave a letter of resignation and flee the country in the middle of the night aboard his own jet..??

          Interesting times ahead.

          • I’m not so sure he would ever resign, that would mean he’d have to admit to himself that he’s a loser.

            Regardless, it terrifies me what vengeance he would try to wreak on Pelosi, Schiff, Nadler, etc. trump is nothing if not vindictive.

  1. Mitch McConnell did me a favor today. I saw on MSNBC that he was going to speak shortly about the impeachment delay, and, not wanting to be subjected to his visage and sick rhetoric, I started scanning the channel guide and located a program to watch. It was The Big Interview with Dan Rather on AXS TV, a channel I had only seen music shows listed on previously. Today’s show was an interview with Carl and Rob Reiner. They stayed off politics until the last fifteen minutes.
    Far superior content to Moscow Mitch.

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