ICYMI: Yeah, We’re Fucked

First and foremost, I hope that none of our Critters and Zoosters, especially those of you in California and the Northwest, are in imminent danger of contracting the “novel coronavirus”, aka “COVID-19.”

New York state’s main COVID-19 epicenter of New Rochelle, previously only known for being the home of fictional Rob and Laura Petrie, is maybe 35-40 miles south of us.  The illness is cropping up in other NY counties besides Westchester and NYC’s 5 Boroughs, so I’m going to assume that its spread northward is inevitable.

I checked in on our pregnant(!!!) niece Emily and her husband Michael, who live near Boston, which is having its own outbreak subsequent to a recent Biogen conference.  One of the companies which had had a presence at the conference is Michael’s employer; and, even though no one from his particular office was an attendee, the company instructed all employees who could to work from home through May 31st.  Both of them are fine, which relieved me greatly.

I was going to compile some of the many lies that trump has told since COVID-19 arrived on our shores; however, since starting this post, the progression of both the disease and the lies have made that idea pretty much pointless.

So I’ll just include a couple of items along those lines.

First this, from March 7th at Salon, regarding trump’s awful presser at the CDC.   Here’s the video – sorry it’s posted twice, but it’s from the original on the twitter feed of @ddiamond:

And this: after trump finished his recent “presidential address” about the pandemic, apparently he got caught on C-SPAN showing just how seriously he takes this:

In case you no longer trust the info from the CDC, here’s a site that is keeping track worldwide.  You can refresh it throughout the day for updates.

I won’t inflict any more trumpness on you, so I’ll end on a high note.  Crank the music to 11  🙂

Feel better?


28 thoughts on “ICYMI: Yeah, We’re Fucked

  1. First two possible cases detected here in So. IL — samples sent to lab for testing. Bear in mind that either or both may come back negative.

    Regardless, because my friend Toni tended to buy in bulk, I’m set to turtle up as needs be for a long time. I’ll need pet food before I need anything for myself.

    • Our local stores have been hit with ‘toilet-paper fever”, as Wayne found out today. He’s going to check out other stores tomorrow.

      Which makes me wonder, as I’m compiling my grocery list for tomorrow, just how much stockpiling of whatever goods should I actually do? I normally only shop once a week anyway – and if I wanted to stock up on a few weeks’ worth of certain items, like kitty litter for instance, I’d need Wayne’s Honda Element instead of my little Subaru. I get nervous driving the Element, it’s way bigger than any other vehicle I’ve driven, plus I reflexively want to hit the non-existent clutch when I have to come to a stop. 🙂

      • TP is one of the things Toni bulk purchased. I discovered a 12 cu ft box (2 X 2 X 3) that was half to 2/3s full of the stuff. Not a brand I care for, so I actually got a pack for myself a few days ago (because I was actually running low.)

        • We were already running low, and still haven’t found any. Wayne tried CVS this morning, too, with no luck. We’ll have to try farther afield tomorrow.

          I couldn’t believe that there were no chicken parts available – I had been figuring I could make and freeze soup, so much for that. I blew a few extra bucks on some lamb chops to make lamb stew, one of my favorite comfort foods that I rarely make. The aroma just reminds me of my mum. 🙂

      • I was sent to Family Dollar a few nights ago with the instructions to get two packs of TP and two of paper towels. The unscented Angel Soft was getting low, but there was plenty of lavender scented, plus a lot of the store brand Homeline.

  2. Per the NYT Regarding NY confirmed cases:

    Mr. Cuomo’s announcement came as health officials updated their figures to show 328 confirmed coronavirus cases in the state, with 112 added since Monday. One hundred and forty-eight of the cases were in Westchester County and 95 were in New York City.
    Now CA per NYT:

    More than 150 people have tested positive for the virus, but the number was rising, while schools shut down and cities banned large gatherings.
    No stats on WA in that article.
    And the map:
    Looks like NY and the Northeast are of most concern

    • I’m glad that Cuomo started taking action early, despite (or because of) trump’s lies and efforts to downplay this pandemic. If folks listen to trump, it’s going to get soooo much worse.

  3. It could be getting closer to us – this is from March 12th:

    BREWSTER, NY — District officials changed school schedules for Thursday, Friday and the weekend because a family member of a Brewster High School student has symptoms of the new coronavirus, Superintendent Laurie Bandlow announced.

    Wayne and I both grew up in Brewster, and my brother and Wayne’s sister live in my parent’s old house there. We’re now about 15 miles north of Brewster.

    • That hat’s big enough to print all that, too.

      I’m trying to start a rumor that trump’s wearing hats all the time now to cover up new hair plugs. Pass it on. 🙂

      His eyes look worse than any of my worst stoner smoke-filled-room nights. I’m waiting for the pupils to start wandering around on their own (which was why I was looking for a particular Monty Python cartoon, as per below. Still haven’t found the one I had in mind, but…)

      • It’s funny that MSNBC was anticipating an update from Pence, and Dotard actually came out with a bunch of other incompetents, who I expect are all infected with the virus, since Trump is already. He sounded seriously ill the last two days, but was sounding better today. Pity.

  4. I can’t afford a two week supply of much of anything, much less stock up on EVERTHING as if I wasn’t going to leave the house for that long.

    • Neither can we normally, but Wayne had recently taken a loan against his 401k, and took a little extra for unexpected bills. But when we were shopping yesterday, even having some extra money on hand didn’t help as much as one would think. Although I’m happy to say that Wayne went out this morning and found toilet paper.

      I’m just so mad at myself for forgetting that Saint Patrick’s Day is Tuesday, and never thought to look for corned beef. If the stores aren’t out of it already, they probably will be by the time I get out again tomorrow. 😦

    • Heh – I always liked that song.

      Wayne and I were just talking about how our “conditions” would pretty much guaranteed that we’d both die if we caught the coronavirus. Wayne’s starting to work from home as of tomorrow, and we’re limiting our grocery shopping – mainly because there’s little in the stores, but still…

      • I’ve been a little scarce lately.
        I’m on a similar journey that Dr. Herstein underwent several years ago.
        I was hired as an instructor at a major university and I’m pursuing my doctorate in environmental heath and safety.
        I was put through a load of crap during the admissions process until I was interviewed in person and showed them that I had already published a thesis.
        The department tried taking Ph.D candidates and having them teach my classes. The students called bullshit on them real fast. I’ve been in the trenches and I know my material. I have great reviews from the students and I get along well with everyone because I keep my mouth shut and avoid exposure.
        Updates to follow after this COVID-19 passes.

    • I actually have that 45. Don’t know if it will still play, but I remember being very impressed when I first heard it.

  5. ‘We just think y’all oughta give us $500 billion with no transparency or accountability, in exchange for us pissing down your peasant backs and telling you it’s raining.’
    What Trump, McConnell, and Munchin ACTUALLY were thinking when they proposed this abomination of a rescue legislation.

  6. Trump wants to rate individual counties by ‘risk level’. Want to bet counties with Trump properties will be rated with a low level so he can reopen his businesses?

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