People or Profits?

Trump wants people to go back to work, now.

Texas’ Lt. Governor Dan Patrick is willing to risk getting sick and dying for the sake of the economy…”for keeping the America that all America loves for your children and grandchildren”.

Here’s what will happen if we end “shelter in place”:

In Italy, where the healthcare system is already overwhelmed, people over 60 are taken off ventilators and left to die. California would hit that point in about 2 weeks if we end “shelter in place.” With a projected infection rate of >70%, within 2 months the population of citizens over age 60 could virtually disappear. Some 70 million U.S. citizens. Dead. 70 million. Sacrificed. To keep the wheels of commerce turning. To further the economic interests of some 120,000 – the richest 1/10th of 1%.

On the other hand, the economic shutdown due to the coronavirus is just what the planet needs to prevent catastrophic climate change that could lead to the extinction of all humans.

The choice is clear. The math undeniable.

People, or profits?

24 thoughts on “People or Profits?

  1. Trump wants to rate individual counties by ‘risk level’. Want to bet counties with Trump properties will be rated with a low level so he can reopen his businesses?

    • We’re less than four miles from the county line to our south, and about the same distance or less to the Connecticut state line to our east. Hell, when we go grocery shopping, one store is in one county, and the other is in the county to our south.

  2. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis Cites Trump’s Changed ‘demeanor’ in Issuing Stay-At-Home Order

    Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis made clear Wednesday when issuing a statewide stay-at-home order that he is taking his cues from one man: President Donald Trump.

    So, if Trump hadn’t been a dick all this time, MAGAts would have taken this more seriously, sooner, and fewer people would be sick and dying?

    This just puts the blame all back on Trump, who really fucked this entire thing up from the first intelligence reports that it was a serious problem.

  3. I don’t know what is worse, Morning Joe, or CNN’s allowing TBN, ‘The Bullshit Network’, to put ads on with Joel Osteen at every break.

    • Several dictionary words state directly to refer to Joel Osteen.
      1. Smarmy
      2. Grifter (makes Sarah Palin look like an amateur)
      3. Phony
      4. Smug
      5. Disingenuous
      6. Cactus, (the guy’s a giant prick)
      7. Mr. Punchy face. (most punchable face)
      8. Used car salesman. Seriously, this gives used car salesmen a bad name.
      9. Sociopath
      10. Kanye West without a line of tasteless clothing… yet

  4. Debbie Dingell is on tCNNatm telling me she’s been at home for 21 days, or some such. Must be nice to be able to wave your checkbook and solve all your problems, have anything you need just catered to your house.

  5. Shelter in Place. Unless, of course, you are an evangelical conservative christian:

    “Several churches around the country held services Palm Sunday, some in defiance of state bans on gatherings aimed at stopping the deadly spread of coronavirus. “We don’t get our rights to worship freely from the government we get those from God,” said the Rev. Tony Spell of Life Tabernacle Church in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. “We’d rather obey God than man.” Spell held another massive service at Life Tabernacle despite being charged multiple times last week for violating the state ban. About 1,220 people attended, some bused in and others driving more than 100 miles to attend, Spell told CNN.” (source:

    Meanwhile, “North Carolina public health officials said Monday that “multiple cases” of coronavirus have been linked to a church event a week ago at a Durham hotel.” (

    And church-related outbreaks are not limited to conservative evangelicals: “Sacramento County Department of Health Services director Dr. Peter Beilenson confirmed at least 70 people at the Bethany Slavic Missionary Church were infected with Covid-19.” (

    This is how a pandemic spreads from one gathering:

    Right now, 1/10 of 1% of the U.S. has tested positive for COVID19. Given that testing is reserved for those showing symptoms of the disease, it is readily apparent that we have not, and will not, approach the level of testing necessary to define and limit the spread of this disease.

    Mathematical projections indicate a doubling every 3 days or so. It is imperative we shelter in place, because far too many refuse to do so. The number of people exposed by attending their mega-church gatherings will double, then double again by Easter – spreading beyond their congregations into the community at large.

    Be safe.

    Be well.

  6. Imagine yourself floating gracefully through space with pleasant music and not a hint of orange in the background. You deserve it.

  7. I’ve been following the numbers starting on 03/28/2020.

    Cases: 116,448
    % of population; .035%
    Deaths 1,943
    Mortality rate: 1.67%
    Recovered: 3,224
    Recovery rate: 2.77%

    Now (4/11/2020):
    Cases: 533,088
    % of population; .162%
    Deaths: 20,580
    Mortality rate: 3.86%
    Recovered: 30,502
    Recovery rate: 5.72%


    I only started tracking tests administered a few days ago. We’re testing about 160k per day and finding 30k-35k new cases a day.

    The mortality rate from the seasonal flu is .01%. The mortality rate from COVID19 is approaching 4%. The flu kills about 60,000 Americans per year, meaning an infection total of some 6 million. I6 6 million get the coronavirus, the death count will be about 240,000.

    This data set comes from AFTER several states issued “stay in place” orders. There are still some states who have not issued such orders, and some churches that openly defy such orders.

    In spite of “stay in place” orders, the number of confirmed cases more than doubled, then more than doubled again, in just 2 weeks.

    In spite of “stay in place” orders, the number of confirmed deaths doubled, then doubled again, then more than doubled again, in just 2 weeks.

    The current mortality rate of 3.86% will likely rise dramatically should hospitals be overloaded.

    In the 11 weeks since the first case, the infection rate has doubled about 20 times. It’s been doubling at the rate of 1 doubling per week with “stay in place” orders. Should Trump end stay in place orders, we would reach an infection rate of virtually everyone in 11 more weeks. The death toll would be in the millions.

    Stay safe and be well.

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